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Must hold a license issued by any agency.
The license position area must be in Speech Language Pathologist/Therapist.
The license must be in one of the following grades: Preschool/Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th.
The license status must be active or about to graduate from a state-approved teacher preparation program. Expired certifications will be considered.


BASIC FUNCTION/NATURE OF WORK: The primary function of the speech/language pathologist is to identify and treat children with speech, language, voice, or fluency disorders. This is accomplished through working with teachers, administrators, parents, and students. The primary goal of the speech/language pathologist is to facilitate development of communication.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES/ILLUSTRATIVE EX OF WORK: 1. The speech/language pathologist shall work collaboratively with all stakeholders in providing a World-Class Education.

2. The responsibilities and duties of the speech/language pathologist shall include the responsibilities of teachers as listed in Regulation 561.01-1.

3. The responsibilities of the speech/language pathologist shall include but not be limited to:

a. Screening new students to the county for speech/language disorders.

b. Observing classrooms, as requested, to provide suggestions for addressing speech/language disorders.

c. Evaluating students referred with speech/language concerns to determine area of involvement and degree of severity.

d. Following the timelines and completing the paperwork for determining students’ eligibility for the speech/language program and speech as a related service.

e. Developing an appropriate Individualized Education Program for each student, and implementing it according to State regulations.

f. Providing speech/language therapy according to the needs of the students, and the State guidelines.

g. Developing home programs and consulting with parents, as necessary.

h. Consulting with teachers regarding the speech/language program general information as well as specific information on students in therapy.

i. Working as part of an interdisciplinary team with students who have multiple disabilities; this could include developing and implementing a feeding program, developing and training use of an augmentative communication system, and/or facilitating language in the classroom.

j. Presenting professional development opportunities for school faculty, as warranted.

k. Attending county sponsored professional development to provide a means of professional growth.

l. Providing a monthly count of the number of students on the caseload to the program coordinator.

m. Maintaining equipment and materials in good condition, and returning borrowed materials to the program coordinator by the end of the school year.

n. Providing information to the program coordinator or supervisor, as requested.

4. The speech/language pathologist shall adhere to state, federal, and local laws and regulations governing the education of students with disabilities.

5. The speech/language pathologist shall be responsible for completing and submitting Medicaid Plans of Care for speech therapy and personal care services, Medicaid speech orders for therapy evaluations, monthly Medicaid progress notes, and Medicaid discharge summaries to the Supervisor of Regional Programs. These duties shall replace other building obligations, such as lunch, hall, or bus duty.

6. The speech/language pathologist shall perform other duties required by the supervisor, as assigned.

$2000 stipend for CCCs Will support CFY Summer work may be available

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