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Provide academic instruction and life skills assistance to secondary age students in class. Implement research-based proven effective programs, curriculum and strategies that emphasize reconnecting youth to school; promoting life-long social skills, daily attendance tracking, decreasing risk factors and increasing protective factors. Home-school partnerships are strengthened through this collaborative approach.

School Success Program Guidelines: Murray City School District Definition of At-Risk The term at-risk is used to describe students who are considered to have a higher probability of failing academically or dropping out of school. These students may not have been successful with core instruction in the regular class setting. The term may also be applied to students who face circumstances that could jeopardize their ability to complete school, such as poor attendance (attending less than 80% of the time), reading below grade level, academic grades (scoring at or below a 70% achievement) homelessness, transiency (highly mobile), low test scores (measured by a state assessment), and disciplinary problems (office referrals, behavior incidents, and/or suspensions in which their behavior is preventing them from receiving instruction). Does not include special ed students. Special ed is served through applied skills/study strategies class. ELL 4 and 5 can be served in School Success. Sections are determined by the district.

Class Size 15- 20 students

Referral Process Students are referred to the program by their school support team and administration.

Program Design Each school is required to design and implement a program structure grounded in evidence-based practices, executive functioning skills, and sound pedagogy based off the curriculum the district has provided. School success programs should have a curriculum map. Program structures are reviewed and approved annually by district administration.

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