Part Time School Registered Nurse (BSN)- ONE YEAR ONLY

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We want you to join our team! Come work for the Iron County School District and help to make a difference in the lives of students and families in your community!  

Iron County School District is seeking a Part time School Registered Nurse (BSN) to work up to 25 hours a week. 

The School Registered Nurse (BSN) provides educational and nursing services in Iron County School District by managing the health services program for the assessment, evaluation, maintenance, and improvement of student health needs in a school setting to better protect students and staff against risks to health and safety, as well as promote a physically healthy school environment.

  • Participates in medical examinations and reviews findings to evaluate health status of students and progress of the program. 

  • May provide one-on-one direct services to students as needed. Including, but not limited to G-tube monitoring and feeding, oral suctioning, monitoring vital signs, diabetic management, care, and medication administration.

  • Cooperates with school personnel in identifying and meeting social, emotional, and physical needs of school children. 

  • Collaborates with school office staff, principal, and/or parents regarding students identified for exclusion due to medical reasons. 

  • Monitors immunization records, provides first-aid, and maintains health records of students. 

  • Monitors all aspects of dispensing medication to students at school to include proper provider authorization, parental request, proper administration, and timely documentation. 

  • Counsels students in good health habits. 

  • Promotes students’ healthy habits of daily living by assisting teachers with communication media and other educational materials – hand washing, general hygiene, and nutrition. 

  • Assists in programs for care of disabled children. 

  • Participates in SEP/IEP inter-discipline team meetings and formulate health care plans as necessary for students in Special Education, 504 Plan, chronically ill, and/or having short-term disabling conditions. 

  • Assists in maintaining a healthy and safe learning environment by promoting OSHA Standards relevant to biohazardous materials, hepatitis, and first aid-CPR training. 

  • Promotes prevention of communicable diseases, i.e., immunization, STD and HIV prevention programs, and other support activities based on state standards and local policy. 

  • Plans school health programs, in cooperation with medical authority and administrative school personnel. 

  • Plans, schedules, and conducts school-based clinics focusing on prevention of disease/dysfunction, such as vision screening, maturation for students of designated age. 

  • Participates in health/nursing events, such as: immunization and flu clinics with the Public Health Department, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training, disease prevention training, maturation, hygiene, nutrition, first aid, etc. 

  • Expands, promotes, and implements educational dental health programs on brushing and flossing, and collaborating with parents.

  • Acts as liaison with Dental Coalition and PTA’s to recruit volunteers for various clinics and projects.

  • Instructs classes in subjects such as child care, first aid, and home nursing, and establishes nursing policies to meet emergencies. 

  • Trains school designated office personnel who serve in the capacity of nurse assistants to provide first aid, administer medications, maintain documents, and retrieve information for reports. 

  • Works closely with the Utah Department of Health Disease Control and Prevention in educating school secretaries and health assistants on the Utah School Rule regarding immunizations and takes the lead role in enforcing accurate collection and entry of immunization data, informing and assisting schools with the necessary steps with regards to non-compliance, and state reporting requirements. 

  • Refers parents of students with health problems who may need financial assistance to proper resources. 

  • Works with community agencies in planning facilities to meet needs of children outside school situations. 

  • The complex role of the school nurse demands, but is not limited to, an understanding and knowledge of: 

  • Community, including community as a system.  

  • Applicable laws, regulations and standards pertaining to school nurse practice (Utah Nurse Practice Act and Rules). 

  • Current nursing research and theory and its application to daily practice.

  • Serves on committees/councils pertinent to safety, hygiene, family support, and community. 

  • Participates in annual review, creating necessary revisions, and obtaining administrative and Board approval of the Medication Administration Policy for students, as well as other health related policies as requested, as per Utah Code and the UNPA. 

  • Collaborates with the District Technology Department in developing, entering, maintaining, and collecting data via an electronic student information system for all students with medical alerts and students with Health Care Plans; including those with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and/or 504 Plan. 

  • Utilizes the electronic system for entering Health Care Plans, Student Emergency Plans, forms, etc., into the electronic system. 

  • Annually monitors to confirm that all plans are submitted and updated. 

  • Regular, reliable, predictable attendance and job performance is required

  • Makes recommendations with regard to changing trends in health services, health needs, and program outcomes, goals and objectives. 

  • Please see the full job description at the the link HERE


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