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Do you want meaningful work? This is your place. We want you to join our team! Come work for the Iron County School District in Cedar City, UT and help to make a difference in the lives of students and families in your community!  
Escalante Valley Elementary School is seeking a part time Media Paraprofessional to work 27.5 hours per week.
This position will remain open until filled. 

The Elementary Media Specialist works under the general supervision of the principal to assess and meet the information needs of students and faculty and develops programs to stimulate student interest.
  • Creates and maintains an attractive environment in the media center which is conducive to positive learning. 

  • Establishes media center rules and operating procedures after receiving input from the principal and teachers. 

  • Maintains order and a pleasant atmosphere in the media center. 

  • Responsible for the day to day operation of the media center. 

  • Operates the curriculum desk.

  • Evaluates, selects, and orders materials and media equipment in cooperation with faculty, students, parents and administrators. It is strongly recommended that the School Principal  be consulted relative to all purchases related to materials, media and equipment. 

  • Selects, receives, and organizes books, multimedia, and other materials and equipment.

  • Catalogs and processes new books and materials in a timely manner. 

  • Shelves books and materials. Repairs books.

  • Suggests appropriate books and multimedia to students for classroom assignments and personal access.

  • Assists students and faculty with use of public access catalog. 

  • Assists students and faculty with online searches and research projects. 

  • Plans and carries out a student instruction program for the school library media center.

  • Investigates technologies that will improve services.

  • Collects fines for lost books, damaged books, etc. in accordance with District policy. 

  • Sorts media center mail. 

  • Schedules classes and use of the media center. 

  • Schedules equipment that is heavily used. 

  • Distributes media to the teachers received from the regional media center and collects it from the teachers when it is scheduled to be returned. 

  • Distributes to the administrators and teachers information that would be of value to them as found in periodicals, web pages, etc. 

  • Assists and encourages teachers in teaching the State Media Core Curriculum. 

  • Keeps current of new children's literature and authors. 

  • Introduces students and teachers to a variety of children’s literature.

  • Maintains proficiency in the use of the current circulation software and any other software used in the media center. 

  • Supports district contracted on-line electronic library resources.

  • Be part of the instructional team by providing services and materials to teachers on an individual basis for the express purpose of helping them improve the quality of instructional presentations.

  •  It is suggested that the Media Specialist meet periodically in teacher departmental meetings to give teachers ideas on how the media center can assist them. 

  • Media used should relate to the District curriculum. 

  • Publicizes and encourages the use of school, city, district, regional, and state library media services.The Media Coordinator should also cooperate with these different entities as much as possible. 

  • Develops, recommends, and monitors media budget allocations as requested by the principal. Where possible, District-wide bulk ordering should be encouraged for media centers where feasible, with input from the Regional Media Coordinator and Director of Special Programs. 

  • Supervises the media center. Also, supervises and trains media, student and volunteer aides in the operation of the school's media system, including an on-going evaluation for improvement. 

  • Assists students and teachers in locating media that is relevant to the instructional program and suited to student needs and abilities. 

  • Provides in-service training to teachers in the various areas of media, including an annual review at the beginning of each school year of media services available to teachers. 

  • Regularly disseminates media related information such as guides, catalogues, schedules, materials, equipment, and services available through the media center. 

  • Organizes and classifies all media materials in the school. 

  • Maintains a comprehensive catalogue inventory and accounting system for all items in the media center.

Please see the full job description at the the link HERE

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