Bus Assistant for Special Needs Bus #22

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Non-Instructional Support


QUALIFICATIONS:  A high school diploma or GED.  CPR certification is required.  An approved First Aid training is required.  This job requires frequent firm grasping, and frequent bending/stooping, squatting/crouching, reaching above the shoulder, and lifting 35 – 45 pounds.  This job requires sufficient manual dexterity to operate a two-way radio, door handles, seat belts and safety harnesses, and the ability to assist students in wheelchairs and other assistive devices as they get on or off school busses. The Board of Education and Superintendent may approve alternatives to the listed qualifications.
CONTRACT: Days School is in Session
WORKING HOURS:  3+  hours per day; contracted for 3 hours per day
REPORTS TO:  Director of Transportation
EVALUATED BY:  Director of Transportation
SUPERVISES:  Does not supervise

  1. Be familiar with and apply the standards outlined in the District School Bus Driver Manual.
  2. Be familiar with and execute as necessary approved emergency procedures.
  3. Assist students as they get on and off the bus, and during the transit time.
  4. Supervise student behavior in order to maintain discipline and order on the bus.
  5. Complete student/rider count as scheduled.
  6. Utilize all safety precautions when assisting students on and off the bus.
  7. Utilize all safety precautions when operating the wheelchair-lifting device.
  8. Understand and be able to operate the vehicle two-way radio unit.
  9. After bus route check that all students have exited the bus.  Use the “flag-out” procedure outlined in the School Bus Driver Manual.
  10. Performs other duties as assigned by the supervisor or Superintendent.

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