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Position: Assistant Principal

  • Master's degree in Educational Leadership or related educational field from an accredited educational institution preferred.
  • Three (3) years teaching and administrative experience.
  • Passing score on FELE or other DOE required tests.
  • Valid Florida certification in Administration and Supervision or Educational Leadership, preferred..
  • Satisfactory criminal background check.
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the board may find appropriate and acceptable.

Certification Requirements
  • Certification in Educational Leadership
  • Valid Florida Teacher Certificate

Job Goal
To assist the principal with administrative and instructional functions and development and implementation of the school improvement plan to carry out the mission and goals of the school and the district and to meet the educational needs of the students.

Reports To
School Principal
  • Instructional Staff
  • Support Personnel


Instructional Program Leadership/Development
  • Assist in the development, implementation, coordination, organization, management, and evaluation of all aspects of the school's educational program including the use of technology.
  • Provide recommendations to the principal regarding curriculum improvement.
  • Supervise equipment selection, acquisition, and inventory.
  • Assist the principal in the administration of the summer school program and before and after school programs.
  • Assist with the coordination of student field trips.
  • Assist in the administration of the school's testing programs.
  • Assist in the coordination of the school's accreditation program.
  • Assist in administering the Exceptional Student Education and 504 Programs.
  • Assume responsibility for the English Language Learners (ELL) documentation updates and verification on all student files.
  • Develop and implement the school's instructional program with assistance from district personnel and provide for articulation among school personnel as assigned by the principal.
  • Supervise the purchase, selection and utilization of textbooks, materials, supplies and equipment.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of the school technology plan.
  • Provide leadership on the effective use of technology in the classroom.
  • Facilitate student access to the use of electronic resources.
  • Explore and evaluate new technologies and their educational impact.
  • Use technology to review student assessment data.
  • Assist classroom teachers with the effective use of technology.
  • Assist in the analysis of the School Improvement Team's efforts on student performance.

Personnel Action Services
  • Request, orient, and assign substitute teachers. 
  • Assist with college/university intern assignment and placement.
  • Assist the principal in conducting staff meetings for the purpose of keeping staff informed concerning policy changes, instructional programs, and resolution of existing problems.
  • Assist in the preparation of the master schedule.
  • Assist with the supervision of personnel, including orientation of new employees as assigned. 
  • Assist in developing personnel assignments and duty rosters.
  • Assist with the interview and selection of personnel to be recommended for employment as required.
  • Assist in implementing and administering the negotiated employee contracts.
  • Assist in the coordination of the school's inservice program.
  • Assist in the development of individual professional learning plans as required.
  • Supervise assigned personnel, conduct annual performance appraisals, and make recommendations for appropriate employment action.
  • Provide training programs, assistance, and feedback to personnel as required.
  • Develop the master teaching schedule and assign teachers according to identified needs.
  • Facilitate personnel development to assure that the school will realize maximum value from each of its employees through inservice, programs for new teachers, and other developmental activities. 
  • Supervise department or grade level chairs and conduct meetings as appropriate. 
  • Provide feedback and assistance to employees as needed. 

School Operation/Delivery Systems
  • Assist the principal with the daily operations of the school.
  • Assist in supervising, monitoring, and verifying the accurate and timely completion of data collection and reporting requirements. 
  • Assist in the supervision of the maintenance, inspection, safety, and care of the physical plant.
  • Assist in developing and monitoring the school budget as assigned. 
  • Provide assistance to the principal in the formulation and implementation of general school policies and regulations.
  • Assist with the development of positive school/community relations and effective communication and act as a liaison between the school and community as required. 
  • Supervise all facets of the registration process, including, but not limited to, the production of the curriculum guide and related materials. 
  • Coordinate the production of pre-planning materials including handbooks.
  • Assist in coordinating the school food service program as it relates to the special needs of the school.
  • Maintain adequate property inventory records, key control, and security of school property.
  • Assist in the developing and implementing school-wide staff recognition programs.
  • Approve school-sponsored activities and maintain a calendar of all school events.
  • Conduct student orientation programs.

Student Support Services
  • Assist with student attendance and discipline as assigned.
  • Enforce district guidelines for proper student conduct with the implementation of disciplinary procedures, policies, and statutes that ensure a safe, secure, and orderly environment.
  • Maintain visibility and accessibility on the school campus.
  • Assist in coordinating schedules for extracurricular activities and provide supervision for activities as required.
  • Confer with students, parents, and teachers to resolve problems and facilitate learning.
  • Assist in interpreting and implementing the Student Progression Plan.
  • Assume responsibility for control and direction of students related to suspensions from school suspensions from the bus and school in accordance with board policies and statutes.
  • Assist in establishing guidelines for proper student conduct and effective disciplinary procedures and policies for the school.
  • Interpret and enforce the district's Code of Student Conduct.
  • Participate in the administration of the school's athletic program. 
  • Manage and supervise student activity programs including the selection of club sponsors. 

Personal/Professional Employee Qualities
  • Participate in county-wide management meetings, conferences, workshops, and other meetings and activities appropriate for professional learning. 
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with parents, students, teachers, district personnel, and the community. 
  • Model effective listening and positive interaction skills.
  • Model and maintain high standards of professional conduct.
  • Set high goals and standards for self, others, and the organization. 
  • Keep abreast of trends and changes in educational programs and procedures.
  • Complete all required reports and maintain all appropriate records.
  • Keep the principal informed about potential problems, unusual events, or possible opportunities for school improvement. 

  • Participate in the development of plans to meet long-range facility needs at the assigned school.
  • Participate in the financial planning for the school which may include assisting in the preparation of the school budget.
  • Provide leadership in developing and implementing goals and priorities of the district and school.
  • Provide leadership in the planning and implementation of school improvement initiatives.
  • Implement state statutes, school board policies, and administrative directives.
  • Serve as the administrative head of the school in the absence of the principal as needed.
  • Assist in planning and implementing the school's public relation program.
  • Follow procedures used in the event of school crises and/or civil disobedience and provide leadership in the event of such incidents.
  • Act quickly to stop possible breaches of safety, ineffective procedures, or interference with operations.
  • Use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to guide individuals and groups to task accomplishment. 
  • Perform other tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the immediate supervisor, the Superintendent, or the Board. 

Student Growth and Achievement
  • Ensure that student growth and achievement are continuous and appropriate school-wide.
  • Establish and maintain a positive collaborative relationship with the students' families to increase student achievement.



Medium Work: Exerting up to 50 pounds of focus occasionally, and/or up to 20 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 10 pounds of force as needed to move objects. May be required to restrain a physically active individual as a temporary safety measure. Ability to actively perform work in classroom, office, and other business and community settings. Ability to move freely and perform duties in numerous locations throughout the day (typically involving frequent standing, walking, sitting, bending, and lifting). Exposure to noise and activity of a school setting. Exposure to weather conditions. Ability to travel outside the district for a variety of meetings and conferences. 



Calendar Months: 11 Month, or 12 Month  
Salary Schedule: Administrative  Pay Grade: Base
Salary and Benefits as determined and approved annually by Hendry County School Board.



Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with School Board Policies for evaluation of administrative personnel. 


Conditions for continued employment if applicable: ____________________________________



This job description is intended to provide an overview of the requirements of the position. As such, it is not necessarily all inclusive, and the job may require other essential and/or non-essential functions, tasks, duties, or responsibilities not listed herein. The District reserves the sole right to add, modify, or exclude any essential or non-essential requirements at any time with or without notice. Nothing in this job description, nor the completion of any requirement of the job by the employee, is intended to create a contract of employment of any type. 

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