CTE Culinary Arts Teacher

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CTE Culinary Arts Teacher
Effective: August 1, 2024

A culinary arts teacher trains students to become chefs and food service professionals. He or she maintains a learning environment where students are encouraged to ask questions, show respect for the teacher and classmates and learn about the culinary arts in great detail. Instruction involves hands-on participation from the students so that they develop a firmer understanding of the practice. A culinary arts teacher modifies instruction, as needed, to meet the needs of all students.

It is important that culinary arts teacher should be knowledgeable about relevant culinary arts trends, techniques and professional practices. He or she should then communicate relevant, real-world experiences to the students. Also, a teacher should notify students of professional opportunities and prepare them for employment upon graduation.

The individual who fills this position should have a genuine call to working with students and seeing them succeed.  A vision for the current program is required.  While classroom management is a required element, the creativity of lesson planning, instruction, and assessment are also key elements. Applicants who can add to the overall climate and culture of the school are also desired.

Essential Duties:
1. Teaches content and skills in Culinary Arts courses, utilizing curriculum designated by Bradley County Schools.
2. Instructs students in citizenship and basic subject matter specified in state law and administrative regulations and procedures of Bradley County Schools.
3. Adapts Culinary Arts material and methods to develop relevant sequential assignments and lesson plans that guide and challenge students.
4. Develops lesson plans and supplementary materials compatible with the division’s basic instructional philosophy and congruent with course standards; provides individualized and small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each student and subgroups of students.
5. Evaluates academic and social growth of students, prepares report cards, keeps appropriate records to include attendance reports, checklists, census forms, and other recordkeeping activities as necessary.
6. Encourages students to think independently and to express original ideas.
7. Evaluates each student’s progress in meeting the course standards for Culinary Arts skills.
8. Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior needed to provide an orderly, productive classroom environment.
9. Communicates with parents and school counselors on student progress.
11. Participates in faculty committees and the sponsorship of student activities.
12. Administers testing in accordance with division testing practices.
13. Models nondiscriminatory practices in all activities.
14. Maintains professional competence by attending staff development programs, curriculum development meetings and other professional activities.
16. Creates an effective learning environment through functional and attractive displays, bulletin boards, and activity/learning centers.
17. Performs other duties as assigned by principal or appropriate administrator.
18.  Leads students on the operation of a Culinary Arts School Entrepreneurship including the proper handling of money and finances.

Additional Duties
-  Performs other related tasks as assigned by the Principal and other central office administrators as designated by the Superintendent.
Note: The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities.  It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility.

-  Uses standard office equipment such as personal computers, printer, copy and fax machines, and telephone.

Travel Requirements 
-  Travels to school district buildings and professional meetings as required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
-  Knowledge of current teaching methods and educational pedagogy, as well as differentiated instruction based upon student learning styles.
-  Knowledge of applicable federal and state laws regarding education and students.
-  Ability to use computer network system and software applications as needed.
-  Ability to organize and coordinate work.
-  Ability to communicate effectively with students and parents.
-  Ability to engage in self-evaluation with regard to performance and professional growth.
-  Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others contacted in the course of work.

Qualifications Profile:

Endorsement Name and Code Culinary Arts 730
Previous Endorsements 562
Minimum Education
High School diploma or above
Occupational Work Experience Five years of full time work experience out of the past eight years
Example Qualifying Areas/Occupations pastry chef, head chef, caterer, personal chef, restaurant manager, executive chef
Industry Certification Serve-Safe or National Registry of Food Safety Professionals, or Certified Culinary Chef Educator (CCE) Industry Certification
Pathway Options*  *Associate’s degree in culinary arts, industry certification, and three years full time work experience out of the past eight in endorsement area
* Bachelor’s degree in culinary arts, industry certification, and one year full time work experience out of the past eight in endorsement area

FLSA Status:             Exempt

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