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Middle School Graphic Design Teacher Job Description: Position Summary: The Middle School Graphic Design Teacher plays a crucial role in fostering creativity, digital literacy, and visual communication skills among students. This individual will design and deliver engaging curriculum, instruct students in various graphic design software applications, and cultivate an environment that encourages exploration and innovation in the field of graphic design.

Responsibilities: 1. Curriculum Development: • Develop a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with national and state standards, integrating principles of graphic design, digital media, and visual communication. • Create lesson plans, instructional materials, and projects that cater to diverse learning styles and skill levels. • Continuously update curriculum to reflect advancements in technology and industry standards. 2. Instruction and Classroom Management: • Deliver effective instruction in graphic design principles, techniques, and tools. • Teach students how to use graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. • Provide guidance and support to students as they complete design projects, offering constructive feedback and encouragement. • Foster a positive and inclusive classroom environment that promotes collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. 3. Assessment and Feedback: • Develop and implement various assessment methods to evaluate student progress and mastery of graphic design concepts. • Provide timely feedback to students on their work, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. • Maintain accurate records of student achievement and participation. 4. Student Support and Advocacy: • Offer academic support and mentorship to students, guiding them in their exploration of graphic design as a potential career path. • Advocate for the importance of arts education and the value of graphic design in fostering creativity, communication, and digital literacy skills.

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Timpanogos Middle School (grades 6-8)

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