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We want you to join our team! Come work for the Iron County School District in Cedar City, UT and help to make a difference in the lives of students and families in your community!  The Iron County School District supports families in developing college and career readiness by BUILDING knowledge, skills and relationships for ALL.  Empowering ALL to learn at high-levels through systematic district and school-wide support. 

Iron Springs Elementary School is seeking a Full Time Special Education Certified Behavior Educator beginning in August for the 2024-2025 school year. 

The Full Time Special Education Certified Behavior Educator works under the direction of Special Programs Director and in conjunction with the school Administration, District Board Certified Behavior Analyst and school Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). The Special Education Behavior Educator assists students with mild/moderate disabilities who have moderate to intensive behavior and/or mental health needs. The SPED Behavior Educator develops and implements behavioral and academic programs and intensive behavior intervention services for students with disabilities. The SPED Behavior Educator establishes effective rapport with students and families, and motivates students to develop appropriate social skills and attitudes leading toward improved behavior in order to foster greater independence in the student. Professional relations are developed and maintained with other staff.

  • Collects, documents, manages, and uses data to inform functional behavior assessments, behavior intervention plans, emergency safety interventions, referrals for additional supports, problem solving, schedules and services to benefit students. 

  • Changes to student programming are data driven and documented effectively. 

  • Generates reports regarding behavior needs of individual students, including recommendations of behavioral strategies. 

  • For specific students with mild/moderate disabilities that have moderate to intensive behavior and/or mental health needs, provides 1:1 intensive services in behavior and mental health, based on IEP (i.e. self-regulation coping, building learning momentum, etc.). 

  • Works with school professionals and paraprofessionals to build school’s capacity to address student’s IEP services for students with mild/moderate disabilities who have moderate to intensive behavior and/or mental health needs. 

  • Capacity includes training school paraprofessionals, helping in the transfer of responsibility for implementation to the school team, etc. 

  • Maintains current knowledge and improves skill application by participating in regular on-going professional development in the essential duties listed above and annual re-certification of Safety Care, required safety videos, and summer behavior trainings. 

  • Adheres to all local, state, and federal policies and procedures for special education compliance.

  • Determines specific learning problems, skill deficiencies, or social adjustment difficulties of students and initiates remediation programs in these areas. 

  • Evaluates each student in terms of initial needs and progress toward remediation. 

  • Develops and presents appropriate IEP goals. 

  • Prepares progress reports and year-end evaluations, administering pre-tests and posts-tests as appropriate and necessary. 

  • Makes available a wide range of teaching materials and equipment, including reading material at many levels, instructional games, and resource materials. 

  • Counsels students in identifying and dealing with their academic and social challenges.

  • Provides opportunities for students to explore life and career goals. 

  • Provides students with tutoring for other classes. 

  • Establishes and maintains standards of individual student behavior. 

  • Works closely with other teachers to help the students maintain satisfactory class work, homework, and behavior. 

  • Helps parents to understand the specific challenges of educationally handicapped students and the goals and operation of the program, apprising them of challenges and progress. 

  • Participates in selection and evaluation of students for admission to the program of education for such students. 

  • Participates in case conferences about students who learn differently. 

  • Performs basic attendance accounting and similar record keeping functions pertinent to the special education program. 

  • Keeps abreast of new developments in the field by reading journals and publications, attending professional society meetings and seminars, and discussing problems of mutual interest with others in the field. 

  • Evaluates special education needs to ensure that objectives for student education are met. 

  • Understands and Interprets laws, rules, and regulations to students, parents, and paraprofessionals. 

  • Prepares reports for federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.

  • Administers achievement tests to measure student level of performance.

  • Writes and maintains IEP files and monitors compliance.

  • Helps students with daily living skills such as toileting and social interaction.

  • Works with students and their behavior needs. 

  • Regular, reliable, predictable attendance and job performance is required

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