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Elementary Principal Job Description

Job Title: Elementary Principal


Credentials: Elementary Education Administrative Certificate


Education: Master’s degree in Education Administration, or related field.


Training or experience required:  At least three years of teaching experience.


Reports to: Executive Director of Student Services 


Contract: 210 days.


Salary Schedule: Site Administrator salary schedule.


FLSA Classification: Exempt.


Essential Job Functions:

  • Oversee the implementation of district curriculum goals, philosophy and policies within the area of authority.
  • Assist teachers in establishing meaningful goals, 8 objectives and evaluation procedures related to educational enhancement.
  • Assist teachers in evaluating their methods of instruction/teaching skills and effectiveness of learner outcomes.
  • Ensure that teachers meet individual pupil needs and abilities and develop satisfactory growth in basic skills.
  • Assist teachers in using community resources in their instructional program.
  • Assist teachers in providing a classroom atmosphere conducive to maximum learning.
  • Maintain an environment free of discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace; encourages an environment of equal opportunity for all.
  • Promote health and safety and eliminates unsafe and unhealthful working conditions; communicates with and properly trains staff to follow safety procedures; manages lost time due to worker accidents and injuries.
  • Oversee training of staff in the technical and procedural aspects of their jobs; Motivate staff to participate in reviewing areas of responsibility to look for ways to improve performance; Encourage initiative and creativity without risk; Develop staff morale to reinforce successful performance; Provide opportunities for selected professional development experiences with staff that are geared toward excellence in education.
  • Properly administers new employee orientation; hiring; performance appraisal; corrective counseling; constructive discipline; EAP intervention and referral; grievance handling; problem resolution; assignment of work; and implementation of other personnel policies.
  • Implement constructive student discipline to reinforce desired outcomes.
  • Provide environment where students assume responsibility for their own behavior and the attitude/behavior of their peers regarding school property and respecting the rights, properties, and opinions of others.
  • Treat students as individuals and encourages in students an appreciation for their civil rights and responsibilities of our democratic institutions.
  • Encourage the development of student behavior based on a sense of moral/ethical behavior and ennobling values.
  • Encourage and oversee projects that resolve special problems.
  • Encourage and support teachers who systematically plan innovative projects and techniques; provide necessary reinforcement without fear of failure.
  • Plan carefully the goals, objective and evaluation of new projects and procedures and evaluate effectiveness of those projects.
  • Provide an environment that anticipate problems, involve staff in problem resolution, and encourage increased productivity and customer service.
  • Involve students and staff in developing and maintaining reasonable standards of conduct.
  • Help teachers understand the sources of important problems they are facing in order to involve them in the resolution of the problem.
  • Effectively look at necessary facts (costs, customer needs, policies, potential outcomes, etc.) before making important decisions. Involves the necessary parties who need to support the decision in the problem identification and resolution.
  • Provide clear and consistent written and oral directions.
  • Minimize classroom interruptions encouraging maximum time on tasks.
  • Plan and hold productive staff meetings.
  • Only require necessary paperwork.
  • Administer attendance policies according to policy.
  • Oversee the health and safety programs for students in the school.
  • Provide opportunities for community members to become involved in school activities.
  • Solicit input from the community to develop goals for the school.
  • Make use of educational resources from the community.
  • Constructively interpret the school program and the policies to the community.
  • Keep the community informed concerning the school program.
  • Encourage teachers to maintain effective communications with parents.
  • Encourage parents to get involved in corrective counseling/discipline with troubled students.
  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility, efficient and effective utilization of resources, and the proper accountability of revenues and expenditures; maintain inventory and/or cost-accounting systems.
  • Systematically supervise and evaluate teacher utilization of teaching supplies and care of equipment and facilities; Provide for availability of supplies and equipment.
  • Effectively maintain plant with the resources available.
  • Ensure that maintenance and utility costs of buildings compare favorably with like schools in the area.
  • Encourage students to show school pride in the buildings and school.
  • Lead the school or office in economical use of materials and supplies.
  • Implement program to encourage staff to be customer focused. This includes empowering subordinates to: (1) resolve customer problems; (2) interpret rules, procedures, and policies to assist customers; reduce the “red tape” that frustrates responsive decision making; and train and coach employees to provide better customer service.
  • Provide clear and concise staff reports for School Board action; communicate professionally before the public, staff, and fellow employees; automate procedures that assist in decision making; listen and respond to ideas and suggestions of co-workers and subordinates; keep his/her supervisor informed of critical concerns.
  • Conduct short and long range curriculum and other site based planning; anticipate customer needs due to changes in growth, demographics, revenue, and technological environments; evaluate and amend previous year’s forecasting as changes occur; participate with team members both within the District and the community to set and attain District goals and objectives; respond quickly to new issues and challenges.
  • Work with co-workers, subordinates, other administrators, and community leaders to provide service to the public; share information, resources, and expertise to assist team members to accomplish organization/District objectives or goals; encourage cooperation among departments/divisions to solve problems.
  • Use ideas from professional magazines and bulletins.
  • Attend and contribute to professional meetings.
  • Take advantage of opportunities for professional growth that are available beyond the requirements of the District.


Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

An employee in this position must be able to communicate clearly both orally and in writing. Must posses the ability to utilize and promote the use of participatory management techniques. Must possess personal characteristics including, but not limited to, poise, perspective, integrity, flexibility, sound judgment, and the professionalism necessary for success as an administrator in the Norman Public Schools District. Must work collaboratively with students, parents, administrators, and staff. Must be able to handle conflict and utilize problem solving strategies.


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