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JOB TITLE: High School Student Advocacy Coordinator 

Credentials: Current  Oklahoma  Teaching  Certificate  as  an  Elementary/Secondary  School  Counselor preferred. 

Education:  Master’s Degree 

Training or Experience Required Experience and skills in classroom guidance, trauma informed counseling techniques and/or crisis intervention preferred. Must understand victimization and demonstrate practices  that are sensitive to sexual violence. 

Reports to:  Site Principal, Director of Guidance and Counseling 

Terms of Employment: 

Contract length: 220

Teacher Retirement: Paid by Norman Public Schools 

Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with Oklahoma laws and Norman  Public School Board of Education policy. 

Job  Goal: The  High  School  Student  Advocacy  Coordinator  provides student  advocacy  services  for  a  diverse  population  of  students  and  families,  including  victim  advocacy; for  survivors  of  sexual  assault,  relationship  violence,  stalking and harassment; and  bullying that  is  sexual  in  nature.    The  student  advocacy  coordinator  facilitates  school  and  community  awareness  of  gender  based  violence  and  resources.  The  goal  is  to  assist  potentially  at-risk  students  overcome  problems  that  impede personal  safety, academic growth and success in school. 

Communication  Skills:  Strong  verbal  and  written  skills  are  needed to  maintain  quality  documentation.  Position  requires  organizational  skills  and  the  ability  to  provide  school  and  community  professional  presentations and respond to questions that are asked. 

Contact with Others:  An incumbent in  this position has regular contact by  telephone or in person with  students,  parents and  school staff.  Timely  accurate  communication  is  needed  for  the medical,  mental  health and  social  services  community  to  determine  the  actual  information  needed;  interprets  and  translates  facts  and  information;  explains  situations  and  issues;  identifies  alternative  courses  of  action;  and  maintains  confidentiality  of  sensitive  information.    Requires  tact, diplomacy  and  independent  judgment  such as problem  solving; interpreting policies and procedures based on experience; providing  direct advocacy services to students as appropriate.  Maintains confidentiality of all information. 

Performance Measures:  Successful performance of the job requires good customer service, people skills  to work directly with students, families of students, school administrators and medical, mental health and  social service professionals.  It requires following safety guidelines and policies in order that students and  others including self are protected from accident or injury.  It requires following school dress standards,  proper attendance  or leave  policies, and  other work  habit  concerns.  Creativity, initiative, and effective  problem solving are critical to the success of the position. 

Essential Job Functions: 

1. Assist  and  advocate  for  students  who  may  be  experiencing  gender-base  violence  with  various  systems including district grievance procedure, law enforcement, academic supports, medical and  mental health services, and court system.

2. Explain processes and procedures for reporting instances of gender-based violence. 3. Initiate  safety  planning  for  students  experiencing  gender-based  violence.    Provide  referral  to  appropriate  mental  health  and  social  service  resources  within  the  district  and  community  to  support  students  who  may  be  experiencing  gender-based  violence  or  other  mental  health  concerns. 

4. Complete appropriate accurate documentation associated with student interactions. 5. Provide  gender-based  violence  awareness  with  students  utilizing  best-practices  in  the  field  and  approved curricula. 

6. Work  collaboratively  within  the  district  with  students,  teachers,  parents,  counselors and  administrators  on  awareness  campaigns  focused  on  gender-based  violence,  promoting  personal  safety and community resources. 

7. Provide coordination for comprehensive student advocacy services for students and their families. 8. Serve as the primary contact for students who have been victimized, are at-risk or in distress. 9. Demonstrate and maintain professional boundaries in working with students and their families. 10. Provide  services  to  meet  the  comprehensive  needs  of  victims/survivors  in  collaboration  with  counseling and administrative staff. 

11. Coordinate training  for staff on topics related to gender-based violence, bullying that is sexual in  nature, and Title IX requirements. 

Physical/Mental Requirements and Working Conditions:  Must possess manual dexterity/visual ability to  operate a vehicle.  Must be able to read and interpret instructions and observe student behavior. Must be  able  to  handle  potentially  hostile,  emotional  and  unpredictable  students.    Employees  must  possess  hearing/speaking ability to communicate with school staff, students, etc. 

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