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MissionWe exist to educate and empower students to become culturally responsive, global Nn’ee
Vision:  We will become an effective student focused learning community graduating culturally confident citizens.

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY:  Discrimination against an otherwise qualified individual with a disability or any individual by reason of race, color, religion, sex, and age or national origin is prohibited.  Efforts will be made in recruitment and employment to ensure equal opportunity in employment for all qualified persons.  San Carlos Unified School District Governing Board Policy No. GBA.  San Carlos Schools does recognize Native American Preference in Employment.

TITLE: Assistant Superintendent for Academic Excellence/ Superintendent Mentee

Position Overview:

San Carlos Unified School District seeks a dynamic individual to join our team as an Assistant Superintendent/Superintendent Mentee. This role is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience for individuals aspiring to become a Superintendent in the future. The Assistant Superintendent/Superintendent Mentee will work closely with the Superintendent and other senior management to gain hands-on experience and knowledge in all aspects of school administration and leadership, with a particular focus on oversight of the academic program, ensuring integration of the San Carlos Apache cultural relevance and sensitivity throughout.

OPEN: until filled


1. Master’s degree in Education or a related field

2. Seven (7) years of experience to include any combination of Instruction, Curriculum Development, and Administration.

3. Experience working with curriculum and instruction in an educational setting or related field that addresses multicultural and culturally responsive instructional programs.

4. Experience evaluating instructional programs and teaching effectiveness.

5. Experience managing budgets and personnel.

6. Knowledge of State and Federal Education requirements.

7. Demonstrated experience working on Indian lands, or with large, or urban school districts.

8. Knowledge of computer technology.

9. Ability to communicate effectively and work cooperatively both internally and in the community.

10. Must possess or obtain a valid AZ Fingerprint Clearance Card.

REPORTS TO: Superintendent

JOB GOALS: This position is responsible for the development and enactment of providing leadership in developing, achieving, and maintaining world-class educational programs and services. This position provides the system oversight, consistency, and vision for a majority of the activities related to teaching and learning processes, and facilitates implementation of the district’s vision, mission, values, and goals. In addition, the person in this position acts as a key member of the Superintendent’s leadership team. As a Superintendent mentee, this position is geared toward growing an Assistant Superintendent to a Superintendent.


1. Provides leadership to create and sustain an environment in which leadership, principals, and teachers support and expand instructional and organizational best practices that have evidenced growth in student achievement; identify and share additional best practices that are evidencing success in other areas or schools, and create new strategies to meet the academic needs of students which are not being met.

2. Serves as a mentee of the Superintendent and assists as an advisor to other District personnel regarding the various aspects of building instructional capacity, professional development, and administrator capacity building (including succession planning). Serves as a participative member of the Superintendent’s Leadership Team.

3. Advises and informs the Superintendent’s Leadership Team on the implementation of curriculum and instruction plans, policies, programs, procedures, and services.

4. Provides leadership for continued analysis, development, and monitoring of short and long-range plans for improving the Pre-K-12+ educational program.

5. Responsible for implementing and ensuring district policies and procedures have an equity-based and culturally responsive curriculum and instructional services that result in high achievement for all students.

6. Participates in the planning and development of an effective research base for implementing curriculum processes and professional development.

7. Communicates the approved curriculum to the professional staff and maintains a list of approved instructional materials.

8. Works directly with the curriculum as it relates to alternative education programs.

9. Responsible for ensuring District-wide culturally responsive instructional strategies to enhance the achievement of all students, especially those at-risk are in place and evident in all areas of curriculum.

10. Oversees the development and implementation of culturally responsive pedagogy and multicultural curriculum.

11. Assists with reviewing and evaluating results of District-wide accountability plans, assessments, testing programs, and other evaluative measures used by the schools.

12. Ensures an accountability system is in place for improving student achievement for all students with special attention on improving student achievement of English Language Learners and Exceptional Education students, reducing the number of students who drop out from school, and increasing the high school graduation rates.

13. Assists site and central administrators with guidance and direction in assessing, identifying, formulating, developing, implementing, and evaluating curriculum and instruction activities to ensure compliance with district policy and state and federal law.

14. Provides leadership in the adoption of new instructional materials, methods, and programs and assists in the preparation of newly approved instructional programs as related to instructional supplies, equipment, and materials. Provides leadership for the analysis, development, interpretation, and implementation of policies and legislation related to instructional services and training.

15. Ensures that professional development plans and activities meet system-wide needs and are focused on student achievement. Ensures that technical assistance is provided to District administrators, school administrators, and instructional personnel in the implementation of educational policy, programs, and services.

16. Responsible for ensuring appropriate SCUSD personnel develop and implement standards-based curriculum and instruction focusing on cultural and historical experiences to engage all students.
17. Collaborates in interdivisional coordination.

18. Plans, organizes, and directs the preparation of District, state, and federal reports to ensure compliance, secure funding, and provide thorough, complete, and effective communication.

19. Interprets Governing Board policies, state and federal regulations, and special rulings to ensure the district’s compliance with curriculum and instruction practices.

20. Promotes inclusive practices, respect for diversity, and equity among staff, students, and the public.

21. Develops and monitors the departmental annual budget. Assists with developing and coordinating budgets that pertain to Curriculum and Instruction.

22. Performs all duties as assigned to support the district’s strategic plan and Unitary Status Plan.

23. Project Management: Participate in special projects and initiatives under the guidance of the Superintendent. Take ownership of specific projects related to academics, curriculum, instruction, and assessment, from planning to execution.

24. Community Engagement: Represent the organization in community events and meetings, fostering positive relationships with stakeholders, including parents, students, and community leaders. Assist in developing strategies to enhance community engagement and involvement in educational initiatives.

BENEFITS: Competitive salary and benefits package, Opportunities for professional development and advancement within the organization, Mentorship from experienced educational leaders, and A supportive work environment that values innovation and growth.

EVALUATION: The performance of this position will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: This is a 12-month position. Salary is established by the Superintendent.

Please apply online at go to Employment, then to Applitrak, our online application system. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Human Resource Department Director at (928) 475-2315, Ext. 1411.

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