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P.O. Box 207, San Carlos, AZ  85550 475-2315

MissionWe exist to educate and empower students to become culturally responsive, global Nn’ee
Vision:  We will become an effective student focused learning community graduating culturally confident citizens.
EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY:  Discrimination against an otherwise qualified individual with a disability or any individual by reason of race, color, religion, sex, and age or national origin is prohibited.  Efforts will be made in recruitment and employment to ensure equal opportunity in employment for all qualified persons.  San Carlos Unified School District Governing Board Policy No. GBA.  San Carlos Schools does recognize Native American Preference in Employment.
OPEN: 03/26/2024 - Until Filled
To assist in the smooth operation of the personnel department by completing duties in a timely manner. Promote and maintain positive communication between all departments, applicants and patrons. Performs and functions with respect to the integrity of all fiscal procedures within the school system.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Personnel Management or equivalent appropriate training or experience in a personnel setting preferred.
  2. Minimum of three years’ experience in Personnel Management
  3. Knowledge of computer technology and current personnel management programs.
  4. Ability to communicate effectively and work cooperatively with staff and others.
  5. Knowledge of personnel/human resource laws and regulations,
  6. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.
1. Establishes and maintains appropriate personnel files and records for all District employees
2. Keeps an up to date application file of prospective applicants.
3. Coordinates the recruitment program for certified and classified staff.
4. Coordinates the selection, assignment and evaluation of all district personnel.
5. Responsible for typing and posting all vacancy notices and affirmative actions.
6. Handles employment and incoming inquiries and submits information to agencies requiring same.
7. Responsible for providing new employees information regarding their employment documents.
8. Handles fingerprinting for all employees, makes certain fees are collected and mails documents to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.
9. Assists with activities and assignments of substitute teachers; keep a current listing of substitute teachers, makes telephone reference checks on substitutes.
10. Assists the certified staff with their teaching certificates renewals, endorsements, etc. and works closely with the Arizona Department of Education.
11. Keeps an updated listing on the type of certification, endorsements, and expiration dates for certified staff, instructional assistants and substitute teachers.
12. Notifies and reminds staff of expiring certificates and/or fingerprint clearance cards as necessary.
13. Computes and types certified contracts, supplemental contracts, coaching contracts, or personnel actions for all employees.
14. Responsible for retention of all personnel records in compliance with Arizona State Laws.
15. Prepares personnel reports to appropriate agencies on a timely basis.
16. Coordinates and maintains District Benefit records for all employees.
17. Adheres to requirements of State Law and San Carlos Unified School District Policies.
18. Supervises and oversees the Payroll Department and staff insuring that all staff is compensated according to laws and policies governing payroll procedures.
19. Creates and maintains all records involving employee industrial injuries.
20. Responds to inquiries made on behalf of current and former employees.
21. Performs other related duties as assigned.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:   Twelve (12) Month
SALARY:  Salary is established by the Superintendent.
EVALUATION:  Performance of this position will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent.

Please apply online at go to Employment, then to Applitrak our online application system.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Human Resource Department at (928) 475-2315, Ext. 1411.

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