K-8 Assistant Principal

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Must hold a license issued by Utah State Office of Education.


JOB DESCRIPTION Summit Academy Schools, Inc Assistant Principal

Purpose Statement Assistant Principal will assist the principal in carrying out the instructional leadership administration, and management of the total school program, including staff professional development and personnel evaluation.

This job reports to Principal

Essential Functions *Performs the duties of the principal in the principal’s absence, as designated by the principal.

*Plans, organizes, and directs the counseling, guidance, health, standardized testing, and articulation and orientation programs for the school, including Academic Supports Services.

*Assists the principal in the selection, assignment, training, and evaluation of all assigned staff, including service as co-administrator for instructional leadership and staff professional development

*Prepares, and recommends to the principal, the master schedule including teaching and facility assignments.

*Coordinates with the Computers and Technology Services Department all pupil service activities of the school in which electronic data processing is utilized.

*Assists the principal and Team Leads in curriculum development and evaluation to meet the needs of all students and to increase measurable student achievement, including serving as a liaison with the team.

*Provides overall supervision and direction to the interscholastic athletic program.

*Maintains close and frequent contact with students, teachers, parents, and other staff members in the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities.

*Plans and directs all recordkeeping and reporting related to student achievement,scholarship grades, test scores, health histories, attendance, discipline, and related areas. Directs the preparation of mandated reports such as the Federal Student Survey, the Safe School Plan, and other survey.

*Acts as resource person to classroom teachers and other staff members.

*Assists in the supervision of extracurricular activities.

*Assists the principal and the facility in development and enforcement of regulations for student discipline and safety in keeping with policies established by the Summit Academy Board of Directors.

*Plans and directs a program for supervision of students engaged in extra and co-curricular activities including assemblies, dances, and athletic contests: plans and directs a program for supervision of students at all times when they are on campus but not under the direct supervision of a classroom teacher: selects and assigns faculty members for student supervision activities.

*Performs investigative services and gathers all the necessary data which may be required in the exemption, exclusion, expulsion, or suspension of students.

*Functions as the Attendance Operations overseer, establishing and managing all student attendance systems and related issues.

*Coordinates and implements regulations and procedures for the operation of vehicles, on-campus parking, disaster/emergency drills, locker assignments, vandalism reporting, and related operations.

*Assists the principal in establishing and maintaining an effective program of community relations.

*Coordinates all registration activities and coordinates all inter-school and intra-district transfers.

*Assists the principal, when needed in developing the local school budget.

*Coordinates the school bus transportation program

*Provides guidance for students and staff in all publications, including yearbook, the student/parent handbook, and school newsletter.

*Performs other job-related duties as assigned by the principal.

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