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Must hold a license issued by Utah State Office of Education.
The license must be in one of the following types: Elementary Education (K-6) (Level 1), Elementary Education (K-6) (Level 2), Elementary Education (K-6) (Level 3), Elementary Education (K-6) (ARL).
The license position area must be in Elementary Teacher.
The license must be in 1st.
The license status must be active.


Job Summary Guadalupe Charter School is composed of innovative, dynamic, and professional faculty members. The classroom teacher is a faculty member whose main priority is the instruction to grade level students based on state core curriculum and requirements of Guadalupe Charter School’s mission, goal, and objectives. Classroom teachers are part of the larger Guadalupe School Agency, which may entail additional activities with parents, staff, and the community. Salary - $52,000 + Depending on Experience Duties 1. Demonstrate effective planning, preparation, and instruction for the relevant grade and the individual needs of the students. • Demonstrate knowledge and use of the curriculum chosen by Guadalupe Charter School. • Demonstrate knowledge of the Common Core standards for all pertinent subjects for the relevant grade. • Demonstrate effective time management skills within the context of a daily classroom schedule, the weekly curriculum and class schedule, and the wider curriculum map/school year calendar. • Demonstrate use of technology, both as a learning tool and a way to manage classroom activities. • Teach and adapt instruction to various development levels. • Develop relevant instructional goals based on state core curriculum and students’ skill level. • Use a variety of resources to appeal to diverse learning styles. • Use a variety of techniques that engage students in learning. • Be responsive to student learning by adjusting lessons and responding to student questions and interests. • Provide specific and timely feedback to students. • Track and keep accurate records of each student’s progress. • Plan based on assessment of each student’s skill level.

2. Create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning. • Create a learning atmosphere that is respectful to teacher/student interactions. • Create learning atmosphere that is both culturally and student sensitive. • Create an expectation for student learning and achievement. • Create a learning environment that provides instruction in large groups, small groups, and individually. • Establish classroom procedures for students to work independently and in groups. • Establish and maintain a student management system that in line with Guadalupe Charter School’s goals, particularly the school-wide discipline plan. • Organize classroom space to create a safe and effective learning environment.

3. Support and enhance the work of Guadalupe School’s mission. • Demonstrate a commitment to learning new curricula, as well as to propose improvements. • Demonstrate the ability and willingness to work with volunteers. • Demonstrate the ability and willingness to work with parents. • Participate in the ongoing evaluation of the school’s programs. • Attend and participate in training sessions and professional development. • Participate in school wide events.

4. Demonstrate professional practices and responsibilities. • Demonstrate the ability to treat colleagues, parents, and students with respect and honest communication. • Demonstrate willingness to collaborate with faculty and parents to creatively solve problems and make innovative decisions that will benefit the student and the school. • Demonstrate willingness to reflect on your own teaching, assessing your effectiveness and developing a variety of teaching techniques. • Demonstrate willingness to collaborate with other agency staff to creatively solve problems and make innovative decisions that will benefit Guadalupe School. • Communicate with families and encourage their participation in the educational process and the school community. • Follow all of Guadalupe School’s policies and procedures.

5. Personal Characteristics • Use appropriate work related behavior, dress, and attitude toward fellow professionals. • Establish and maintains appropriate professional relationships with students and families. • Adhere to required confidentiality practices. • Monitor and manage a healthy balance between personal and professional responsibilities. Hours • Full time, exempt employment, based on a 187-day school calendar.

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