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This position serves as a member of the administrative team and provides leadership and organization for the members of the school counseling department, as well as program development, as school counselors assist students in developing a realistic understanding of themselves, help students develop positive relationships with others, facilitate their academic growth, aid students in becoming self-directive, and assist students in planning and preparing for academic, career, and social and emotional experiences.



  • Must hold a Master's degree in school counseling, representing intensive course work in the principles and practice of school counseling as it aligns with the ASCA national model. This includes developmentally appropriate counseling services related to academic instruction, interpretation of educational testing; social and emotional counseling; organizational and administrative school counseling services; and supporting students with the application of learning.

  • Valid Virginia Department of Education license with an endorsement in School Counseling or eligibility to obtain one.

  • Experience as a Middle School Counselor preferred.

  • Experience as a Director of Middle School Counseling or comparable position preferred.

  • Must demonstrate effective knowledge of and be sensitive to the needs of a diverse student population.

  • Must possess a thorough knowledge of current trends and best practices for providing a comprehensive school counseling program at the secondary level.

  • Ability to uphold the ethical and professional standards of professional school counseling practices and support and maintain the development of a school counseling program guided by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model.

  • In-depth knowledge of child development, group and individual counseling techniques, conflict resolution techniques, and community resources.

  • Model the ability to provide leadership in the administration and supervision of a school counseling department.

  • Able to motivate others to reach their fullest potential.

  • Able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with school administrators, parents, students, teachers, and staff.

  • Able to effectively communicate verbally and in writing.

  • Have knowledge of and be able to use relevant technology


ESSENTIAL JOB RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: (including but not limited to the following)

  • Complies with all school laws, State Board of Education regulations, and all policies and regulations made by the School Board and Superintendent.

  • Performs all duties deemed necessary by the School Board and Superintendent for the efficient and successful operation of the school system.

  • Directs and coordinates all counseling services and activities (e.g. classroom instruction, academic advisement and scheduling, school-wide social-emotional programming, college and career readiness, responsive services, short-term individual and small group counseling interventions, special events, including student and parent workshops/presentations, career day, volunteer opportunities, etc.) in collaboration and coordination with school counselors, school administration, and support staff.

  • Plans, organizes, and implements a data-driven comprehensive developmentally appropriate, and prevention-oriented school counseling program in response to the school’s academic, attendance, social-emotional, and behavioral needs to meet the school goals and provide short-term solution-focused counseling interventions in consultation with the school counseling team and school administration.

  • Assumes a central role in compiling, generating, interpreting, and leading data discussions regarding all aspects of student achievement in collaboration with the counseling services department, school administration, and school staff.

  • Monitors student academic performance, attendance, and social-emotional and behavioral needs, and coordinates appropriate interventions based on student and school needs.

  • Collaborates with parents/guardians, educators, and community agencies to assist students with educational, career, and life planning. 

  • Collaborates with the school counseling and administration teams to oversee referrals to outside agencies.

  • Develops and monitors master scheduling, student course registration, course changes, and other scheduling-related needs with school administration.

  • Serves as the lead for Problem-Solving Meetings, Student Resource Team, and Academic 504s.

  • Collaborates with the school testing coordinator to organize and implement the school's testing programs.

  • Oversees the counseling department’s maintenance of accurate student progress toward graduation and academic and career plan development.

  • Coordinates and monitors the maintenance of the school’s student cumulative records as required by law, system policy, and administrative regulations; serves as a resource to other school personnel in the use and interpretation of records.

  • Plans, manages, and supervises the grade reporting process in collaboration with the school counseling services department and school administration.

  • Supervises the student enrollment and registration process and serves as the building point of contact for PowerSchool. 

  • Conducts an annual program audit to review the scope of counseling services program implementation and effectiveness and shares results as appropriate with relevant parties.

  • Participates actively in school and student meetings and collaborates with other members of the staff in planning instructional goals, objectives, and methods.

  • Prepare a variety of documents, reports, and written materials (e.g. emails, individual awards, invitations, event programs, bulletins, reports, etc.) to effectively communicate information to parents and staff.

  • Provides input to the principal regarding department personnel evaluations. 

  • Attends afterschool activities and programs to support the total school program

  • Performs other duties as assigned to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the school counseling services department and total school program.


CLEARANCES (Conditions for employment):

  • Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance

  • Tuberculosis Screening




Manassas Park City Schools assures Equal Employment Opportunities and equal education opportunities for employees and students as required by Federal and State Orders and Laws. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential tasks. This job description is intended to accurately reflect the position activities and requirements. However, management and administration reserve the right to modify, add, or remove duties and assign other duties as necessary. It is not intended to be and should not be construed as an all-inclusive list of all the responsibilities, skills, or working conditions associated with the position.                            

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