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Job Summary Guadalupe Charter School is composed of innovative, dynamic, and professional faculty members. The classroom paraprofessional is a faculty member whose main priority is assisting the classroom teacher and instructing students based on state core curriculum. Classroom paraprofessionals are part of the larger Guadalupe School agency, and therefore are expected to follow the requirements of Guadalupe Charter School’s mission, goal, and objectives when interacting with students, parents, staff, and the community. Duties 1. Work cooperatively with the classroom teachers to implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum for the students. • Work closely with the grade level teachers who act as your immediate supervisors. • Be able to take direction from the teacher as to curriculum instruction, including preparation of learning materials, presentation of whole group instruction, running small groups, tutoring, and assessments. • Be able to manage groups of students, whether in whole classroom groups, small groups, pairs, or individually. This management also extends beyond the classroom for recess duty, lunchroom, assemblies, and specials classes transitions, etc. • Participate actively in collaborative meetings between teachers to help craft instruction plans and implementation strategies. • Stay alert to students’ engagement levels, on task participation, and possible confusion or frustration and be ready to assist students when appropriate.

2. Work in a team setting with all Guadalupe Charter School staff to maintain a positive daily routine in the classroom, cafeteria, on field trips, and on the playground. • Create a learning atmosphere that is respectful to teacher/student interactions. • Maintain the Guadalupe Charter School behavior management plan anywhere the class might go, including field trips or other off-site events.

3. Assist students in achieving their individualized learning goals and objectives. • Assist the teacher in the creation and implementation of students’ individualized learning plans. • Conduct learning as directed by the teacher in a whole class environment, small group, or one on one. • Assist in assessment.

4. Support and enhance the work of Guadalupe School’s mission. • Demonstrate a commitment to learning new curricula, as well as to propose improvements. • Attend and participate in training sessions and professional development.

5. Demonstrate professional practices and responsibilities. • Demonstrate the ability to treat colleagues, parents, and students with respect and honest communication. • Demonstrate willingness to collaborate with faculty and parents to creatively solve problems and make innovative decisions that will benefit the student and the school. • Demonstrate willingness to collaborate with other agency staff to creatively solve problems and make innovative decisions that will benefit Guadalupe School. • Follow all of Guadalupe School’s policies and procedures.

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