ASL Interpreter for the 2023-2024 School Year

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Job Summary:
Serve as the facilitator of communication between hearing-impaired students, their teachers, and others.
Essential Job Functions:

  • Interprets for the assigned student(s)
  • Facilitates communication as accurately as possible without editing the message or interjecting personal opinion
  • Communicates the student’s signed message in English when voice interpreting
  • Provides interpreting for students in other instructional and interactive settings during the school day such as meetings with guidance staff, tutoring sessions, meetings with administrators, assemblies, and teacher conferences
  • Functions as a member of the educational team for hearing-impaired students
  • Conducts orientation sessions for mainstream teachers regarding the role of the interpreter and classroom adaptation needed
  • Notifies the classroom teacher of any problems that may hinder the interpreting process
  • Follows state and federal mandates regarding services for hearing-impaired students
  • Orients hearing-impaired students regarding the role and use of the interpreter
  • Complies with all guidelines as described in the Code of Ethics for Interpreters and/or Cued Speech Transliterator Code of Conduct
  • Performs non-interpreting duties including, but not limited to, cafeteria duty, bus duty, hall duty, and office duty when such duty does not conflict with interpreting responsibilities
  • School procedures and practices
  • programs in a public school environment and the unique needs of students
  • Organize and maintain records
  • Exhibit good communication skills
  • Work cooperatively with students, teachers, and parents
  • Enforce all school rules
  • Provide support services to students and staff
  • Utilize appropriate judgment in deciding when to contact a licensed professional for assistance
  • Follow procedures as outlined by school board policy, the school principal, or designee
  • Communicate with tact in written and oral modes
  • Give and receive information in a professional manner
  • Keep confidences at all times
Apply To:  Click on the link above to apply.  All applicants, including those currently employed with Spotsylvania County Public Schools, will need to complete an online application. 

Salary: This is a 10 months position with benefits. Starting salary $53,269

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