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Under the supervision of an administrator and direction of a certificated/licensed staff, assist the teacher in the education of students including instructional assistance, organization, record keeping, management of student behavior, classroom safety, communication with students, support staff and parents.

Characteristics Students may have cognitive disabilities, communication disabilities and social, behavioral and/or emotional disabilities. Students served are in need of academic and/or adaptive behavior skills instruction.

Duties and Responsibilities 1. Supervise students in class setting as directed by the teacher or other staff. 2. Assist in managing classroom routines and procedures. 3. Assist in the interventions to redirect behavior, assesses crisis situations and intervenes to defuse situations, documents any occurrences, provides feedback to develop positive self-esteem of student. 4. Assist the teacher by supervising school activities. 5. Assist in the implementing of student behavior plan. 6. Assist students to and from assigned areas within the building to facilitate integration efforts. 7. Assist the teacher in the physical setup of the classroom for group instruction, projects, and activities. 8. Assist in the integration of technology into the classroom.

Instruction 1. Participate in effective teaming skills, collaboration, conflict resolution and communication. 2. Provide individual and/or group instruction which may include regular education students in academic areas after initial instruction by teacher. 3. Be assigned to a regular classroom program where special education students are assigned. 4. Provide feedback to students and teachers. 5. Assist students through the use of questioning and discussion techniques. 6. Assist with student engagement with the curriculum. 7. Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness. 8. Assist students with self-help, gross motor and social skills. 9. Assist students in using technology. 10. Exhibit oral and written communication that is clear and expressive.

Planning and Preparation 1. Assist students with the integration into regular education classroom. 2. Evaluate student progress on work assignments and shares information with teacher. 3. Assist the teacher with the designing of instruction and follow through. 4. Assist the teacher in the development and implementation of the Individual Education Plan (IEP). 5. Assist with scoring tests, keeping records and making reports as required by the teacher.

Professional Responsibilities 1. Maintain high level of confidentiality of information regarding students and staff information and issues. 2. Model appropriate behavior for students. 3. Develop and maintain a professional rapport with classroom teacher and other staff. 4. Demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of students, staff, and parents. 5. Communicate with students, parents, instructional and support staff by letter, phone, e-mail, fax or personal contact as directed by the administrator or classroom teacher. 6. Observe and chart student behavior and assist in discipline of student as instructed by the teacher. 7. Demonstrate the ability to prioritize and organize. 8. Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness. 9. Assist with grading, marking papers and checking homework. 10. Attend and participate in staff meetings and parent conferences as required. 11. Perform other duties as assigned.

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