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Coweta Public Schools
Job Opportunity
2023-2024 School Year
Job Title: HVAC Apprentice
Qualifications: A high school diploma or GED equivalent is required.  Must have experience with HVAC systems and their functions with minimum supervision.  Must be trainable in administrative HVAC/operations roles.  Must have or be willing to work towards HVAC license and HVAC contractor’s license.  Must have valid driver’s license; able to walk, bend, stoop, lift up to 80 pounds, climb ladders and work off of aerial lifts without the fear of heights.
Contract: 12 months / 40 hours per week with some required after hours time as needed.
Reports to and evaluated by: Director of Maintenance
Essential Job Functions:
  1. Works well as a team player toward the upkeep of all C.P.S. facility systems, especially HVAC.
  2. Is trainable, working with our HVAC director, while pursuing the necessary HVAC licensing.
  3. Is able to take direction from Director of Maintenance in all aspects of maintenance at C.P.S.
  4. Comfortable in aerial lifts and on ladders to perform duties up high.
  5. Able to work well with hands and steady when working on ladders.
  6. Safety conscious in all matters
  7. Have a positive attitude and able to keep good morale among a team.

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