Assistant Principal for Academics and Arts (Grades 9-12)

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Assistant Principal for Academics and Arts (Grades 9-12)

Reports to: Principal

Term: This is a 12 month position

The Division of Academic and Arts is comprised of the following departments:

1. Math

2. Science

3. Language Arts Department (including foreign languages)

4. Reading

5. Social Studies

6. Physical Education

7. Art

8. Digital Art

9. Dance

10. Theatre

11. Music

1. Administrative Structure

a. For Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies there will be two Coordinators, one for middle school and one for high school. Reading and P.E. will have one Dept. Coordinator for both middle and high school.

b. Department Coordinator for each of the Departments report to the Assistant Principal.

2. Job Description:

a. The AP for Academics and Arts is responsible for continuously monitoring the academic and art programs to ensure that Manatee School For the Arts is fulfilling its mission.

b. The AP for Academics and Arts is the Chief Instructional Officer. It is the AP’s responsibility to ensure that students are receiving the greatest opportunities to learn and progress. The AP will work with every academic and arts faculty member to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to create an environment that will give students the greatest opportunity to succeed.

c. The AP will ensure that arts infusion is a primary approach to teaching and learning in all academic classes at Manatee School For the Arts.

d. The AP ensures that all faculty thoroughly understand Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence learning theory and can design lesson plans to address the various pathways of learning as appropriate to their students.

e. The AP will assist with faculty recruitment, interviewing and hiring, and is responsible for the initial orientation of faculty.

f. The AP will work with academic and art faculty to ensure that professional development plans are created, completed and recorded.

g. The AP will be primarily responsible for design and implementation of school based Professional Development activities for faculty.

h. The AP will review lesson plans..

i. The AP will consistently observe classrooms both informally and formally and provide written feedback to faculty. The AP will also develop an observation plan.

j. The AP will recommend to the Principal, on an annual basis, continued employment, changes in assignment or termination of faculty and staff. In consultation with the Department Coordinators, the AP will assign or reassign faculty to various classes from year to year. Those assignments will be reviewed with the Principal. The Principal will give final approval or request alternative assignments.

k. The AP will review all applicants for substitute positions and will recommend qualified candidates to the Principal for final approval.

l. The AP works with Department Coordinators to review current academic and art curriculum, courses, policies and procedures to determine appropriateness, effectiveness and adherence to the School’s mission, contract and policy manual, as well as State and Federal law. The AP will implement changes as necessary to maintain and enhance compliance with those criteria.

m. The AP will review Field Trip requests for academic and arts relevance as part of a multiple administrator review as outlined in School policies and procedures.

n. The AP will continuously review student performance on school based assessments as well as State and National Standardized tests that the school participates in and will work with other members of the Administration to develop and monitor testing procedures.

o. Grant proposals by any faculty or staff must be reviewed and approved by the AP before final school approval.

p. The AP will recommend to the Principal any changes in curriculum and policies that require approval by the Board of Directors.

q. The AP will work with all academic & art faculty and coordinators to determine and select the appropriate supplies, materials and textbooks to be used in the academic and art classes. The AP will review and approve all requisitions before they are forwarded to the Principal for final approval.

r. The AP will work with the Principal and other Administrative team members to develop the budgets.

s. Other duties as assigned.

3. Job Qualifications:

a. Minimum: Masters degree, doctorate preferred in Curriculum and Instruction, Foundations, Ed. Leadership or similar areas. Content experts with demonstrated administrative competence are encouraged to apply.

b. 10 years of demonstrated, successful educational experience, including classroom teaching, with at least five years in administration at the department chair level or higher

c. Excellent speaking skills

d. Outstanding writing skills

e. Demonstrated application of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory in classroom teaching

f. Demonstrated successful experience in Arts Infusion at the secondary level or above

g. Demonstrated ability to function as a productive administrative team member with a positive attitude and a good sense of humor

h. Ability to establish high expectations for academic & artistic success and behavior with the willingness, compassion and dedication to help faculty and students achieve them

i. Excellent computer skills and a good understanding of the use of technology in education

j. An appreciation and understanding of the arts and their role in the overall education of students

Manatee School For the Arts 700 Haben Blvd. Palmetto, Florida, 34221, Manatee County On Tampa Bay and the Gulf Beaches

* Competitive Salary * Outstanding working conditions * Professional Environment * Beautiful Communities for Families or Singles * Small Classes and Great Support

Manatee School For the Arts is a charter public school established in 1998. We serve over 1900 students in grades 6 through 12. MSA is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS-CASI) and was recognized by the State of Florida as a “High Performing” Charter School. The Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools has designated Manatee School For the Arts as a “Gold Seal of Excellence” school and we have been recognized by US News and World Report as a Top High School in America. Recently, we have been recognized as one of two Florida Arts Model School secondary schools by the Florida Association of Arts Educators.

Manatee School For the Arts is a total choice school. Our mainstream middle school draws a diverse student population from the entire county. MSA is based on arts infusion and multiple intelligences. While we offer a very wide range of arts electives, we strive to maintain a standard of excellence in our core academic program.

MSA seeks the best. We hire experienced faculty and leadership with proven track records and we consider new faculty who have demonstrated potential to become outstanding teachers. Faculty who are most successful at Manatee School For the Arts are individuals who are dedicated to student success. They are looking for an opportunity to have input into the curriculum and tailor their courses beyond the basic state requirements. They see themselves as professionals and want to be part of a team that strives to fulfill the mission of the school. They have high standards for themselves and expect the best performance possible from their students. They are compassionate and they like children. They make choices in their classes that invite students to join the learning process. They are nurturing. However, they realize that nurturing often requires understanding and discipline applied equitably and consistently. They care.

Faculty at MSA are expected to know and understand Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence learning theory and apply it to their classroom. A logical extension of that understanding is arts infusion. Faculty are expected to bring the arts (music, theatre, dance and visual art) into the classroom to help create pathways of learning for a broad range of student learning styles. They recognize that one size does not fit all and they adjust accordingly.

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