Teacher - 6th/12th - Math

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$47,500 - $50,000 per YEAR
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Lead Teacher/Department Head
Special Education


Job Specifications: (Minimum knowledge, skills and abilities required)

The 6th – 12th Grade Math Teacher is the math instructional leader of a classroom of 9-18 students. Each teacher must believe that “all children can learn” and have a commitment and knowledge to differentiate instruction to allow all student to develop to their fullest potential.

Job Responsibilities:

Creates a climate where students and staff have positive relationships with each other, are enthusiastic about learning and spending time in the classroom and are respectful of one another. Provides interesting and stimulating materials and instruction students' questions, concerns, and needs, provides instruction using many modalities, actively engages students, provides appropriate levels of support, and creates an environment in which students feel safe and free to explore and learn. Provides students with opportunities to use analysis and reasoning in their approach to problem and brings concepts to life by applying them to students’ everyday world. Engage students in meaningful conversation and exposes them to a variety of language uses and forms. Provide appropriate and proactive behavior management including communicating rules and expectations and assisting students to choose alternative resolutions to problem and conflicts. Provides students with specific feedback and information about their work, helping students reach a deeper understanding of concepts. Uses a variety of information to determine the effects of learning experiences on student’s development and approaches to learning’s. Maintains a portfolio with samples of students’ work, records observed progress, uses observational data to plan individualized and differentiated instructional strategies and appropriately follows Individual Education Plan (IEP). Fosters a relationship with families to support children’s learning and well-being. Clearly communicates with families regarding students’ progress, actively involves family members in planning strategies for enhancing student’s progress and maintains a positive, collaborative relationship with students’ families. Fosters relationships with school colleagues to support student’s learning and well-being, participates in school activities in support of the vision/mission of the campus, assists colleagues with planning and implementing school projects (i.e. field trips, assemblies, PTA/Parent Night events), is open to and share new ideas, and establishes/maintains a positive, collaborative relationship with all campus team members. Maintains a classroom that reflects discovery and use of materials but is general clean or well maintained, harmful cleaning supplies and other hazardous materials are not accessible to children, universal precautions are used appropriately and consistently, and responds quickly and appropriately to all accidents/incidents including documentation. Demonstrates attention to punctuality, attendance, deadlines (Individual Education Plan/Individual Family Support Plans expiration/review, progress reports), compliance with policies and procedures, Code of Ethics, and exercises appropriate professional judgment and other elements of the Florida Educators Accomplished Practices. Makes media technology available to students and integrates into curriculum and learning experience including making necessary modifications to media and technology to accommodate all students’ needs. Integrates art into curriculum and learning experiences including necessary modifications to accommodate all students’ needs. Performs other related duties as required and assigned.

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