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1. Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred.

2. Minimum of five years teaching experience.

3. Reading Endorsement COMPLETED and on certificate.

4. Demonstrated reading expertise and teaching in the level of coaching considered for.

5. Strong leadership and technology skills with successful experience in providing inservice training/professional development activities.

6. Certification in areas of coaching such as Elementary, Primary, or Secondary (valid state certificate)

7. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the law and School Board find appropriate and acceptable.


REPORTS TO: Director of Elementary or Director of Secondary



  1. Provide leadership, supervision, and oversight for site-based project implementation.

  2. Plan and implement inservice/professional development training for ALL teachers in scientifically based reading instruction.

  3. Plan and implement inservice training for all teachers regarding data collection and analysis.

  4. Assist teachers in provision of appropriate intensive interventions instruction for struggling students, including those who are Limited English Proficient.

  5. Model lessons in individual classrooms, including lessons that provide differentiated instruction.

  6. Observe reading instruction and provide feedback to improve reading instruction.

  7. Assist teachers in collection and analysis of school data relevant to and in collaboration with Just Read Florida!

  8. Assist teachers in selecting, administering, and evaluating results of screening diagnostic and progress assessments.

  9. Facilitate teacher student groups regarding current reading research and effective reading instruction.

  10. Provide parents with detailed information regarding their children’s reading achievement.

  11. Compile pre-program, mid-program, and post-program data for project evaluation.

  12. Monitor and evaluate program implementation at the school level. This includes fidelity of implementation of adopted District Curriculum and Initiatives.

  13. Ability to collaborate with building level and district level leadership to achieve common district goals.

  14. Willingness to support any school across the district in need of coaching support-includes Clewiston and Labelle.

  15. Implement district planning protocols to support grade level teams.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 11 months-Salary and benefits shall be paid consistent to the District’s Board approved salary schedule.


EVALUATION: Performance of this position will be evaluated by the immediate supervisor


ADOPTED: 3/24/03 

REVISED: 4/5/23


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