Head JV Girls Basketball Coach 23-24 School Year

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23-24 School Year

QUALIFICATIONS: Previous coaching or playing experience in assigned sport.

Knowledge of all athletic policies approved by the Essex County School Board.

Ability to organize and supervise a total sports program.
Knowledge of the technical aspects of the sport and at the same time must continue to examine the new theories and procedures pertinent to the field.
Provide leadership in moral values, pride, acceptable social behavior and self-discipline.

REPORTS TO: Athletic Director and Principal

SUPERVISES: Assistant Coaches in conjunction with the Athletic Director and the respective principal.

JOB GOAL: To instruct athletes in the fundamental skills, strategy and physical training necessary for them to realize a degree of individual and team success while promoting moral values, pride accomplishment, acceptable social behavior, self-discipline and self confidence among student athletes.

1. To instruct athletes in the fundamental skills, strategy and physical training necessary for them to realize individual and team success.
2. Instill moral values, pride of accomplishment, self-discipline and self-confidence in student athletes.
3. Interpret and implement athletic policies.
4. Attend public, staff, and departmental meetings as required.
5. Establish and implement the fundamental philosophy, skills, and techniques to be taught by the staff.
6. Plan and conduct conferences, clinics, and meetings to ensure that the staff is aware of and informed about the overall program.
7. Supervise and evaluate assistants.
8. Maintain discipline and morale and handle grievances in an appropriate manner.
9. Advise and assist the athletic director in matters of schedules, transportation, practices, special events, and issues of concern.
10. Provide the documentation necessary to ensure that all requirements concerning physical examinations, parental consent, and eligibility are met.
11. Maintain and protect equipment.
12. Provide training rules for athletes participating in the sport.
13. Provide assistance and guidance to athletes in academic progress and conduct
14. Ensure safety through appropriate action concerning injuries, medical attention, and other emergencies.
15. Direct student managers, assistants, and statisticians.
16. Assist athletes in college and advanced educational selections.
17. Assist the athletic director in budgeting.
18. Accountable for and arrange for issuing, storing, and reconditioning equipment.
19. Responsible for monitoring locker rooms and for cleanliness of facilities and equipment.
20. Responsible for securing buildings and practice areas when no maintenance personnel are on duty.
 21. Organize parents, coaches and guests for necessary meetings.
22. Promote the sport within the school and community and encourage participation.
23. Maintain good public relations with news media, boosters, parents, officials, volunteers, and fans.
24. Meet with parents prior to the start of the season in order to discuss and explain team rules, regulations, sportsmanship.
25. Provide appropriate information to the public.
26. Be accountable for establishing and maintaining good sportsmanship.
27. Attend rules clinics and other meetings required by the Virginia High School League.
28 To perform other duties as assigned by the athletic director or principal

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Involves good physical condition in order to train student athletes. May require lifting of equipment and exposure to weather conditions.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Supplemental Salary Scale as approved by the Essex County School Board

EVALUATION: Performance of job will be evaluated by the Athletic Director/ Principal.

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