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Altar Valley Middle School, a 5th through 8th grade school of approximately 200 students, is seeking a dynamic Paxton Patterson Lab  teacher to join our talented team.  



Preparing the Workforce for Tomorrow

Paxton/Patterson - College & Career Ready Labs - provide the best college and career preparation for America’s youth. Our learning systems engage students with problem-based, real-world technology. We empower students to discover their interests and aptitudes, along the pathway to post-secondary success. Our unique programs concentrate on STEM Education, Health Science Careers, and Architecture & Construction. We also carry the most respected line of tools, equipment, supplies and furniture for schools

The Paxton Patterson lab allows students to pick a subject that they are interested in and then explore that subject by researching and completing activities that are associated with that subject.  Allowing a student to pick the subject of their choice is both creative and innovative.  Never before in education has the student been the driving force of the content but in the Paxton Lab they are the driving force and the teacher is the facilitator guiding and mentoring the students.  When student control the learning content they are more likely to be successful in that subject.  Typical subject like math and writing that usually make student balk or shutdown are woven into each module making it a fun part of the learning.

This requires active engagement of students in the teaching and learning process—and guiding them to take ownership of their own learning. Paxton Patterson labs is designed to meet most of the learning styles which can’t always be addressed in the teacher oriented classroom.  Students read information and take notes which is great for the visual learners.  Auditory learners have the opportunity to see the information but the program will actually let you listen to the passage being read.  The logical/mathematical learners can make their connection while doing the activities or asking questions to which they can research further.  The learners who need more movement and a hands on experience can get that with the activities that are planned every day.    Because students have to work collaborate in pairs this program appeals to the social side of the middle school student.   

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