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Career and Technical Education


CTE Teacher - Criminal Justice Teacher
Effective: August 1, 2023

This position is for a classroom teacher who will be responsible for the instruction of (3) 90-minute periods a day in Criminal Justice and Work-Based learning classes. Other professional and administrative duties may be required as prescribed. 

Purpose of Job
The individual who fills this position should have a genuine call to the educational profession and a desire to see young people reach their full potential.  While classroom management is a required element, the creativity of lesson planning, instruction, and assessment are also key elements.  Applicants who can add to the overall climate and culture of the school are also desired.

Prepares students for a range of careers in law enforcement, crime scene analysis, forensic science, public safety, and criminal justice. Program content emphasizes procedures and laws governing the application of justice in the United States, from constitutional rights to crisis scenario management to the elements of criminal investigations. Upon completion of this POS, students will be equipped with strong knowledge and skill preparation for postsecondary or career opportunities in many law and justice-related fields.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Teaches skills and knowledge in the assigned subject area required for successful job performance and emphasizes the importance of reliability, efficiency, promptness, good attitude, and work habits.
  • Organizes class time so that preparation, instruction, lab work, and cleanup activities can be accomplished satisfactorily within the allotted time.
  • Maintains current career-technical information for students, displays materials and demonstrates skills, techniques, processes.
  • Communicates with parents, counselors, administrative and supervisory personnel and community representatives to share information regarding innovations and current job requirements and opportunities.
  • Instructs pupils in appropriate safety precautions and in the conservative sensible use of tools, materials, machinery, and equipment.
  • Organizes and provides opportunities for students to participate in club activities as an integral part the assigned subject area.
  • Meets and instructs assigned classes in the locations and at the times designated.
  • Plans a program of study that, as much as possible, meets the individual needs, interests, and abilities of the students.
  • Creates a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of the students.
  • Prepares for classes assigned and shows written evidence of preparation.
  • Establishes clear outcomes for all lessons, class work, and projects. The outcomes are communicated to students.
  • Supports the program of study, using a variety of instructional techniques, instructional media and technology.
  • Serves as a model for the district’s mission, vision and goals.
  • Assesses the progress of students on a regular basis and provides progress reports as required.
  • Recognizes potential learning disabilities of students and seeks the assistance of qualified personnel.
  • Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.
  • Maintains accurate, complete, and correct records as required by law, district policy, and administrative regulation.
  • Assists the administration in implementing all policies and rules governing student life and conduct. Develops reasonable rules of classroom behavior and procedure, and maintains order in the classroom in a fair and just manner.
  • Makes provision for being available to students and parents for education-related purposes outside the instructional day when required or requested to do so.
  • Plans, supervises, and provides guidance for teacher aide(s) and volunteer(s) and, cooperatively with department heads, evaluates their job performance.
  • Attends and participates in staff meetings and serves on staff committees.
  • Analyzes and uses appropriate data to guide instruction and develop assessments.
  • Maintains a standard of performance and conduct as required by state, law, local board of education and community expectations.
  • Provides detailed plans for substitute teachers including lessons, schedules and rules regarding classroom organization, procedures and individual student needs.
  • Supervises pupils at school related functions to include on and off campus activities.
  • Maintains professional competence through in-service education activities.
  • Assists in budget preparation and in the selection of books, instructional supplies, materials and equipment.

Considerable knowledge of the policies, procedures, and activities of the school system, and supervisory practices as they pertain to the performance of duties relating to the position. Capability to develop and implement long-term goals. Knows how to keep abreast of any changes in statutes, policy, procedures and methods as they pertain to public education. Is able to effectively communicate and interact with subordinates, supervisors, members of the general public, and other groups involved in the operation of the school system. Is able to assemble information and make written reports and documents in a concise, clear, and effective manner. Has good organizational, management, interpersonal, and technical skills. Is able to use independent judgment and discretion in supervising subordinates, including the handling of emergency situations, determining and deciding upon procedures to be implemented, setting priorities, maintaining standards, and resolving problems.
Additional Duties
Performs other related tasks as assigned by the Principal and other central office administrators as designated by the Superintendent.
                Note:    The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities.  It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility.

Use standard office equipment such as personal computers, printer, copy and fax machines, and telephone.

Travel Requirements
Travels to school district buildings and professional meetings as required.

Work Schedule
Standard teacher work schedule as set forth in the Teachers' Unit Contract.

Physical and Mental Demands, Work Hazards
Work in standard office and school building environments.
                Note:    Also see the Summary of Physical, Sensory and Environmental Requirements Needed to Perform Essential Functions for this position.


  • State Certification as required for position.
  • [TN] Endorsement Codes: 750
  • Motor Vehicle Operator's License or ability to provide own transportation.
  • Bachelor's from an accredited college or university in education or subject applicable to teaching assignment preferred.
  • Masters Degree preferred.
  • The individual who fills this position should have at least 5 years active experience in the law enforcement field and a genuine call to the educational profession with a desire to see young people
    reach their full potential.
Successful prior teaching experience for the appropriate grade level preferred.
While classroom management is a required element, the creativity of lesson planning, instruction, and assessment are also key elements.
Applicants who can add to the overall climate and culture of the school are also desired.
FLSA Status:       Exempt

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