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Position Summary The Director acts as the “Chief Executive Officer” of the school and will set the tone for success and achievement for all students, staff and faculty while effectively coordinating all educational and administrative activities and programs. The Director embodies the qualities of servant leadership and serves as the public face and voice of the school, promoting a highly positive and energetic community built on high expectations.

The Director ensures compliance with State and Federal reporting requirements by performing the “Essential Duties and Responsibilities” listed below, either personally or through subordinate administrators, faculty, or support staff. In addition, the Director works with the school’s Business Manager to ensure the prudent use of school funds in accordance with the established financial system and policies.

The successful candidate will be someone who does not gravitate to the methods, assumptions, and procedures associated with traditional public schools.

School Description: Odyssey Charter School is a K-6 public charter school that opened in Fall 2005. The school’s emphasis is on providing a classical education as outlined in The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jesse Wise. The curriculum includes Core Knowledge, Saxon Math, Spalding, Kodaly Music, and Latin.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES (other duties may be assigned): EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP ? Pursues the Vision and executes the Mission of the school. ? Achieves stated ends (outcomes) determined by the Board while complying with executive limitations according to the Policy Governance© model of running a school (clearly stated objectives and criteria for success and failure, along with the freedom to act within reasonable, clearly defined boundaries). ? Works with the Board to review, update or create policies that best support the Mission of the school and align with State and Federal rules and laws. ? Develops and evaluates the educational program to ensure conformance to State and School Board standards and policies. ? Regularly reviews and works with the Board to update parent/student and employee handbooks to reflect current policy and standards. ? Works with the Board and Business Manager to plan and monitor the school budget. ? Provides for the requisition, allocation, and distribution of supplies, equipment, and instructional materials as needed. ? Approves, administers, and provides oversight for activities, programs, and services offered by the school, including in-school and extracurricular activities. OPERATIONS – Educational ? Understands and assists in the evaluation and development of curriculum for grades K-6. ? Coordinates and directs educational programs through meetings with faculty and staff, reviewing of teachers' activities, and issuance of directives. ? Identifies teachers and instructional areas needing additional support or training and identifies and implements strategies to deliver that support and training. ? Holds regular faculty meetings for the purpose of discussing educational and administrative matters. ? Confers with teachers, students, and parents concerning educational and behavioral problems in the school. ? Communicates regularly with the school community (faculty, staff, and parents) and articulates goals and policies as appropriate. ? Insures and oversees student attendance and discipline, making provisions for supervision according to approved practices and policies. ? Oversees and assigns responsibility for the administration, implementation, supervision, coordination, and evaluation of programs for students with disabilities. ? Implements procedures and conducts required drills that provide for the safety of all building occupants during emergencies: - fire, earthquake, shelter-in-place, lockout/lockdown, etc. OPERATIONS – General and External ? Attends various school and community events. ? Nurtures positive relationships with community leaders including donors, elected officials, business owners, and residents. ? Seeks out and assists in applying for grants and securing other funding resources. ? Hires teachers and staff who share our vision, love to teach, and love the children. ? Supervises key operational staff and develops and oversees all administrative and organizational support activities including: o Human Resources – policies and procedures; o Technology – planning, support, and other administrative aspects; o Facilities – custodial, cafeteria operations, and building/grounds maintenance; and, o Vendor management – physical supplies and required services.

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