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Under the direction of the Murray City School District Teaching and Learning Team and the school principal, the instructional coach will assist in development and implementation of the school improvement plan.

Duties of this position include but are not limited to: 1. Teaching and Learning A. Coaching 1. Provide intensive targeted coaching and modeling to any district school/teacher in the development of high quality classrooms and Tier 1 instruction under the direction of the director of teaching and learning and building principal based on specific data analysis. a. Observe teachers in classrooms and provide ongoing specific feedback b. Assist teachers with instructional strategies and interventions. c. Provide teacher support with literacy efforts, math instruction, and integrating science and social studies within the classroom through coaching and modeling. d. Weekly district meeting to collaborate, plan, and analyze teaching and learning outcomes. e. Will follow a district coaching and feedback process. 2. Have a working knowledge of the district adopted basal program. 3. Have a working knowledge of approved intervention programs and other scientifically research based practices and programs. B. Assessing 1. Provide instruction in the administration and interpretation of reading and math assessments (diagnostic and benchmark). 2. Provide further assessment and analysis of the data to determine specific interventions for students not making progress. 2. Collaboration and District Staff Development A. Upon request of district administrator or principal participate in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) including: 1. Offer guidance in review of lessons, student work, and instruction. 2. Assist in error analysis and development of Tier II and Tier III interventions in the classroom. B. Provide and/or participate in staff development sessions conducted by the district. C. Provide and/or participate in staff development for teachers, volunteers, paraprofessionals, administrators, and other appropriate personnel as needed. D. Develop, plan, and implement district activities and opportunities for parent involvement in volunteering, parent literacy events, parent teacher conferences, and other parent meetings as needed. E. Coordinate and collaborate with other student support services (Special Education, Title 1, ESL) F. Demonstrate the ability to provide instructionally related feedback to teachers. G. Assist in the supervision of paraprofessional educators.

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