JobID 183 : Middle School Assistant Track Coach (#376241)

Posted a month ago

Platte Valley Middle School-Assistant Track Coach Job Description


  1. Two years of experience as a Track participant or coach.
  2. Knowledge of effective coaching techniques, skills, rules, and applicable drills.
  3. Knowledge of the sport, strategies and working relationships with student-athletes. 

Reports to and evaluated by: Head Track Coach and Athletic Director.
Job Goal: To promote a middle school Track program in which the student can excel to his/her full potential while competing in an atmosphere that adds to his/her total education including his/her physical well-being, moral character and social and mental development. 
Essential Duties & Performance Responsibilities:
  1. Supports the coordination of the Track program at the Middle School level.
  2. Support a practice program to provide both individual and team development as directed by the head coach.
  3. Instructs student-athletes on sport knowledge, rules and techniques.
  4. Assesses student-athlete skills, monitors student-athletes during competition and practice.  
  5. Supports in maintaining equipment supplies and uniforms as directed by the head coach.
  6. Acts as a liaison for the Middle School Track program to the staff, administration, high school Track program and public.
  7. Supports plans, including but not limited to set up, tear down, etc. (with support of athletic director).
  8. Maintains professional growth through attendance of coaching clinics and conferences.
  9. Supports coordination for the actions of managers and event support.
  10. Models sportsmanship behavior and maintains appropriate conduct towards student-athletes, officials, parents and spectators.
  11. Assists the head coach with tasks such as distributing and maintaining eligibility, emergency cards and other related records.
  12. Performs other tasks and assumes other responsibilities as the AD, Principal, Superintendent and/or the board may assign. 

Terms of Employment: For duration of approved athletic season, pending background check.
Evaluation: Performance of this position will be evaluated in accordance with the board’s policy on evaluation of coaching personnel.