Family Engagement Student Services Support Liaison

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Job Title: Family Engagement Student Services Support Liaison
Department: Student Services

Job Summary 
Under the general supervision of the Executive Director of Student Services and the direct supervision of the Director of Federal Programs, the Family Engagement/Student Services Support Liaison is tasked to support Student Services programs and schools in increasing family engagement opportunities for families. In partnership with parents, the Family Engagement Support Liaison builds mutually trusting relationships, acts as an advocate for families, and provides support services as needed. They assist Student Services program liaisons (Homeless, Title I, Multilingual Learner Program, Native American Education Program, YIC, etc.) in determining programmatic needs, creating opportunities for families, and providing outreach to support increased Family Engagement events within schools, Student Services, and community resources/organizations. The Family Engagement Liaison will establish, coordinate, and participate in district Parent Advisory Committee meetings (specifically for Title I, III, VI) and parent training sessions (during the school day and some evenings).  This position is a 29 hours per week position during the 177 school year days.  An additional 20 days will be needed during the summertime (flexibly scheduled) in preparation to support students and families with registration and services for the new school year.

Essential Job Functions

  • Welcomes all families, promoting and valuing diversity across family structures, cultures, languages, perspectives and values.
  • Understands effective relationship building practices with parents, families, children and professionals.
  • Provides case managmeent follow-through and communication services to familes as referred by Student Services Directors, including direct services needed to families.
  • Models appropriate advocacy skills for parents in working with community agencies, professionals, and schools.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of community resources and is up to date with current trends in social services.
  • Works collaboratively with district departments, schools and more specifically with other Family Support Liaisons at Student Services to provide classes and workshops to families including working in partnership with the Homeless McKinney-Vento Liaison, ML Family Liaisons, and Native American Education Liaisons. 
  • Works collaboratively with families and other community agencies and assures that the family is able to access resources with appropriate follow up.
  • Conducts outreach activities to inform families of distrct, school, and community of district and school events.
  • Uses a variety of communication approaches with parents that show sensitivity and respect for their cultures and languages.
  • Maintains a professional attitude, working collaboratively with all student support staff, school staff, and parents; provides leadership and guidance in treating all children and their families with dignity and respect
  • Organizes and coordinates the district's annual Parent Advisory Committee meetings (specifically for Title I, III, and VI) and parent training sessions (during the school day and some evenings)
  • Maintains confidentiality as required by Utah FERPA law.
  • Attends community meetings where Student Services/Federal Program representation is appropriate.
  • Attends state and federal meetings and professional learning opportunities to be prepared to inform, teach, and support district departments and schools with building their family engagement initiatives.
  • Has the ability to work a varied schedule, including some evenings.
  • Collaboratively supports the receptionish/front desk when required to do so.
  • Maintains required records and documentation necessary for all federal and state grant compliance requirements.
  • Performs other duties as assigned. 

Other Essential job functions include but are not limited to the following: 
  • In conjunction with the Native American Education Liaison, helps to promotes positive relationships and fosters improved communication across schools, administrators, and educators with Native American families, tribal community leaders, and community partners.  
  • In conjunction with the Native American Education Liaison, encourages Native American students and their families’ participation within school, district, and Student Services educational activities. 
  • In conjunction with the Homeless McKinney-Vento Liaison, helps to coordinate activities and student support services for students experiencing homeless in Tooele County School District. 
  • In conjunction with the Student Services Family Liaisons, work together to support Family Engagement initiatives within their areas to support student and family needs with educational access and opportunities. 
  • Maintains open communication with administration, school teams and families to work together to improve academic success, school attendance, and social emotional needs of at-risk student populations in Tooele County School District.  
Educational and Experience Requirements: 
  • Must be 21 years of age or older; 
  • Must have a valid driver’s license (occasional traveling is required for this position); 
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent; preference towards an associate degree or higher  
  • Bilingual English/Spanish skills preferred (not mandatory)
  • Experience working with Native American Education programs, Homeless Mckinney-Vento programs, diverse cultural populations, community outreach programs or similar multicultural organizations; 
  • Previous successful experience working with students and school educational teams; 
  • Proven ability to organize, coordinate, facilitate program activities involving families and/or groups of students; 
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with students, parents, employees at all levels in the organization and with others in the community; 
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality, understand and follow data privacy rules and regulations related to students; 
  • Ability to be a self-starter, work independently and proactively; 
  • Ability to use a variety of computer programs for data tracking, communications, reporting, etc.; 
  • Ability and proven record of reporting to work regularly and punctually. 

FLSA Status: Exempt 
Support Professional Salary Schedule: Level O1 ($17.24 starting pay) 
29 hours Per week, Equal Pay 
NOT Benefit Eligible 
177 school days during the school year + 20 paid days in the summertime

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