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MCMINN COUNTY SCHOOLS                                            
Reports to:         Principal, Vice Principal, Instructional Supervisor                                  
Date Revised:    03/22/23
Dept./School:     As Assigned______________________________________________________
Provide PreK students, including special education students, with learning activities and experiences designed to help them fulfill their potential intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth. Develop or modify curricula and prepare lessons and other instructional materials to match student ability levels.
1.)   Tennessee Teaching License
2.)   Endorsement for area of primary teaching assignment (Early Childhood Education PreK-3, Special Education Preschool/Early Childhood PreK-3)
3.)   Meet requirements of state instructional standards
4.)   No prior experience required, but teachers without experience will be assigned a veteran mentor.
5.)   Satisfactory background checks performed every five (5) years
Special Knowledge/Skills:
Knowledge of special needs of students in assigned areas
Knowledge of Individual Education Plan (IEP) goal setting process and implementation
Knowledge of how to adapt curriculum and instruction for special needs
Effective Communication Skills
Universal Expectations:
Work with/report to Building Principal to perform the following responsibilities:
1.)   Determine, through student data, the level of prior knowledge. Then, provide a plan of instruction that meets individual needs, interests, and abilities of all students.
2.)   Arrive to the campus punctually and remain present and engaged for all work hours as determined by principal.
3.)   Work with colleagues to establish and maintain a collaborative environment for planning, delivering, and reflecting on instruction and student data. Attend all building-level and district PLC’s.
4.)   Maintain a classroom culture that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity of students. Set standards for appropriate behavior, communication, and mutual respect.
5.)   Develop appropriate lesson plans and provide evidence when requested.
6.)   Follow all accommodations and modifications deemed appropriate by an IEP, 504, or administrative agreement.
7.)   Present subject matter effectively and according to guidelines established by IEP.
8.)   Collaborate with students, parents, and other members to develop IEP for each student assigned.
9.)   Implement an instructional, therapeutic, or skill development program for assigned students and show written evidence of preparation as required.
10.) Participate in IEP meetings on a regular basis.
11.) Provide or supervise personal care, medical care, and feeding of students as stated in IEP.
12.) Facilitate learning for students using only Tennessee Curriculum Standards and curriculum that is vetted and approved by the McMinn Board of Education.
13.) Employ a variety of instructional techniques and technology for brick & mortar students as well as students who are remote learning, alternatively placed, or on homebound status.
14.) Monitor students’ progress toward mastery of standards and IEP goals via formative assessments and recognize accomplishments as appropriate and applicable.
15.) Manage student behavior including intervening in crisis situations and physically restraining students as necessary according to IEP.
16.) Consult with classroom teachers regarding management of student behavior according to IEP.
17.) Plan and assign work of teacher aides and volunteers and oversee completion.
18.) Protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.
19.) Maintain and communicate accurate, complete, and correct records as required by law, policy, and administrative regulation.
20.) Enforce and reinforce school policies and procedures.
21.) Make provision for being available to students and parents for education-related purposes outside the instructional day when required or requested to do so under reasonable terms.
22.) Strive to maintain and improve professional competence.
23.) Participate in staff development activities to improve job-related skills.
24.) Keep informed of and comply with federal, state, district and school regulations and board policies for special education teachers.
25.) Attend staff meetings, perform extra duties, and serve on committees as required.

  1. Certification in CPR (recertification every 2 years)
  2. Physical from a licensed physician (every 3 years)
  3. Responsible for acquiring signatures of the “Acknowledgement of Receipt of PreK Documents” at the building level
  4. New Teacher Mandatory Training (2 hours)
  5. Maintain Restraint Certification
  6. Annual Teacher Training (30 hours)
  7. Annual PreK Student Home Visits
  8. Maintaining up to date information with required PreK Monitoring documents at the school level
  9. Participate in the CLASS or TEAM Evaluation System
  10. Participate in the Portfolio Growth Model for PreK students, if appropriate
  11. Following all TN Standards for School Administered Child Care Programs Laws (Chapter 0520-12-01)
Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated in accordance with evaluation procedures, policy, and regulations of the Tennessee Department of Education.
General Requirements: The statements above are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this position. They are not intended to be a complete list of responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel.
Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
Tools/Equipment Used: Personal computer; standard instructional equipment; [P.E. teachers: automated external defibrillator (AED)]
Posture: Prolonged standing; frequent kneeling/squatting, bending/stooping, pushing/pulling, and twisting
Motion: Frequent walking
Lifting: Regular light lifting and carrying (less than 15 pounds); may lift and move text books and classroom equipment; may require heaving lifting (45 pounds or more) with positioning of students with physical disabilities, control behavior through physical restraint, assist non-ambulatory students and lift and move adaptive and other classroom equipment; may work prolonged or irregular hours.
Environment: Work inside, may work outside; regular exposure to noise
Mental Demands: Maintain emotional control under stress; work prolonged or irregular hours

This document describes the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and is not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required.

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