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Purpose Statement

The Assistant Principal is responsible for providing administrative assistance which enables the Principal to fulfill his chief responsibly of promoting the educational development of students at the school.


Essential Functions

1.1 Through the appropriate administrator, the Assistant Principal assists in supervising directly or indirectly every employee assigned to him/her. In the absence of the Principal, the Assistant Principal is designated to serve as Acting Principal in his/her place at the assigned school and be directly responsible to the Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services.

1.2 Assists the Appropriate administrator in developing and maintaining a program of appraisal and evaluation of employee performance within the requirement of State law and the Board of Trustees, making appropriate reports regarding the program.

1.3 Reports to appropriate administrator the case of any employee assigned to the Assistant Principal whose service is unsatisfactory and recommends action as appropriate and necessary.

1.4 Acts on behalf of or recommends to the appropriate administrator the suspension of any employee for just cause.

1.5 Makes recommendations to the appropriate administrator the suspension of any employee for just cause.

1.6 Assists appropriate personnel in the selection of new employees.

1.7 Delegates at his/her discretion to other employees the exercise of any power or discharge of any duties, realizing that the delegation does not relieve the Assistant Principal of responsibility for actions taken or performance achieved as a result of such delegation.

1.8 Conducts, through the appropriate administrators, formal and informal research into operations and instructional practices, procedures, materials, and techniques necessary to operate the programs of the district.

2.0 School Action Plan

2.1 Assists in the implementation, evaluation, and revision of the accepted curriculum and courses of study according to the specifications and standards set by the school district.

2.2 Attends professional conferences and meetings in addition to meetings with district staff, parents, and community organizations. Reports to the appropriate administrator impressions gained from these meetings and makes recommendations when appropriate.

2.3 Informs and advises the appropriate administrator about the programs, activities, practices, and problems of the area delegated to him/her.

3.0 General Administration

3.1 Assists in the supervision of school health and provides a safe and healthy school environment.

3.2 Assists in the enforcement of student attendance policies and statutes.

3.3 Helps maintain accurate maintenance of all student records.

3.4 Communicates directly or through delegation to the staff the actions of the Governing Board, Superintendent, and the Principal.

3.5 Assists in implementing all staff evaluation programs in accordance with district policy.

3.6 Assist in implementing a plan for effective communication and public relations between staff and community.

3.7 Represents the Board/Superintendent/District professionally in public and communicates Board actions to the public.

3.8 Addresses parent/community concerns in an expedient and professional manner.

3.9 Keeps the Principal and other appropriate administrative staff informed of school issues.

3.10 Serves on district committees when requested or appropriate.

3.11 Utilizes services of district resources when appropriate.

3.12 Performs other duties as assigned by the Principal.

4.0 Professional Growth

4.1 Continues the process of professional growth through attendance and participation in professional conferences, seminars and classes which support the district belief statements and goals. Reads professional literature in order to stay informed.

4.2 Demonstrates being a life-long learner for students, staff and colleagues.

4.3 Develops a personal professional growth plan that addresses areas of strength and areas identified for improvement.

4.4 Performs other duties as assigned by the Principal.

Job Requirements: Minimum Qualifications


1. Applicable Principal Certification as required and issued by the Arizona State Department of Education, Certification Department.

2. Master’s Degree or higher in education or related field from an accredited college or university.

3. Minimum of three years of successful teaching experience.

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FTE: 1.00


SUPERVISES: School certified and support staff as assigned by the Principal.

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