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Norman Public Schools Transportation Coordinator/Principal

Job Title:                    Transportation Coordinator/Principal

Credentials:               Required: Elementary or Secondary Schools Administrative Certificate Preferred: “B” C.D.L. with passenger and endorsements. Oklahoma School Bus Driver’s Certificate, Oklahoma School Bus Training Instructor’s Certificate.
Education:                 Bachelor’s Degree or Certification in a related supervisory industry/field.
Training or experience required:    Required: At least three years of teaching experience, preferred.

Preferred: Administrative training, degree or experience as a school leader school bus driving experience.
Site:                Central Services Center / Transportation
Reports to:     Director of Transportation
Contract:        240 Days Salary Schedule:       Off Scale FLSA Classification: Exempt

Essential Job Functions/Qualifications:

  1. Provide leadership and supervision for instruction
  1. Assist in the oversight in the implementation of district curriculum goals, philosophy and policies within the area of authority.
  2. Assist department and its employees in establishing meaningful goals, objectives and evaluation procedures related to educational enhancement.
  1. Manage human resources and maintains productive relationship with staff
  1. EEO/Managing Diversity: Maintain an environment free of discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace; encourage an environment of equal opportunity for all.
  2. Health and Safety in the Workplace: Promote health and safety and eliminate unsafe and unhealthful working conditions; communicate with the properly train staff to follow safety procedures; manage lost time due to worker accidents and injuries.
  3. Training/Employee Development: Assist in the training of staff in the technical and procedural aspects of their jobs; motivate staff to participate in reviewing areas of responsibility to look for

ways to improve performance; Encourage initiative and creativity without risk; develop staff morale to reinforce successful performance; provide opportunities for selected professional development experiences with staff that are geared toward excellence in education.
  1. Other Personnel Activities: Assist in new employee orientation; hiring; intervention and referral; performance appraisal; problem resolution; and implementation of other personnel policies.
  2. Provide training for monitors and drivers and effective communication strategies as well as effective discipline/correction and restorative practices
  1. Provide leadership for bus riders/students
  1. Implement constructive student discipline to reinforce desired outcomes.
  2. Provide environment where students assume responsibility for their own behavior and the attitude/behavior of their peers regarding school property and respecting the rights, properties, and opinions of others.
  3. Treat students as individuals and encourages in students an appreciation for their civil rights and responsibilities of our democratic institutions.
  4. Encourage the development of student behavior based on a sense of moral/ethical behavior and ennobling values.
  1. Efficiently and effectively organize school and district operations to maximize student outcomes
  1. Provide clear and consistent written and oral directions
  2. Assist in planning and hold productive staff meetings
  3. Only require necessary paperwork
  4. Oversee the health and safety programs for students
  1. Actively promote positive community relationships
  1. Provide opportunities for community members to become involved in school/transportation activities
  2. Solicit input from the community to develop goals for the school
  3. Make use of educational resources from the community
  4. Constructively interpret the school program and the policies to the community
  5. Keep the community informed concerning Transportation programs
  6. Encourage monitors and drivers to maintain effective communications with parents
  7. Encourage parents to get involved in corrective counseling/discipline with troubled students.
  1. Maintain facilities and resources conducive to learning and which are cost effective
  1. Demonstrate fiscal responsibility, efficient and effective utilization of resources, and the proper accountability of revenues and expenditures; maintain inventory and/or cost-accounting systems.
  2. Systematically supervise and evaluate teacher utilization of teaching supplies and care of equipment and facilities; provide for availability of supplies and equipment.
  3. Effectively maintain plant with the resources available.
  4. Ensure that maintenance and utility costs of buildings compare favorably with like schools in the area.

  1. Encourage students to show school pride in the buildings and school.
  2. Lead the school or office in economical use of materials and supplies.
  1. Has personal characteristics that encourage customer service and quality leadership
  1. Culture of Care: Implements program to encourage staff to be student-centered and family- focused. This includes empowering subordinates to: (1) resolve problems effectively and positively; (2) interpret rules, procedures and policies to assist students and families; (3) reduce the “red tape” that frustrates responsive decision-making; and (4) train and coach employees to provide better services.
  2. Managing Information: Provides clear and concise staff reports for the Principal; communicates professionally before the public, staff, and fellow employees; automates procedures that assist in decision-making; listens and responds to ideas and suggestions of co-workers and subordinates; keeps his/her supervisor informed of critical concerns.
  3. Planning and Organizing: Conducts short and long range trainings and other site-based planning; anticipates service and response needs due to changes in growth; demographics, revenue, and technological environments; evaluates and amends previous year’s forecasting as changes occur; participates with team members both within the District and the community to set and attain District goals and objectives; responds quickly to new issues and challenges.
  4. Teamwork: Works with the Director, co-workers, subordinates, other administrators, and community leaders to provide service to the public; shares information, resources, and expertise to assist team members to accomplish organization/District objectives or goals; encourages cooperation among departments/divisions to solve problems.
  5. Positive Leadership: Exercises administrative discretion fairly showing due respect, concern, and warmth for others and an understanding of individual problems of both students and adults; gives full consideration to minority opinions.
  1. Continues professional development
  1. Uses ideas from professional magazines and bulletins.
  2. Attends and contributes to professional meetings.
  3. Takes advantage of opportunities for professional growth that are available beyond the requirements of the District.

Other Essential Job Functions:

  • Opens facility and supervises both the morning and afternoon route assignments. Coordinates bus driver and monitor assignments. Assigns spare buses as needed. Uses 2-way radio to communicate with drivers in the field concerning special problems, delays, accidents, locations, etc.
  • Reviews and files daily inspection reports and corresponds with mechanics concerning bus problems reported by drivers.
  • Assists in obtaining bus drivers and assigning buses for activity/field trips.
  • Assists Director and school personnel and public with school attendance areas, bus assignments, routes, times, and special problems. Updates routes as necessary.
  • Assists public with eligibility questions and bus information. Handles complaints from the public.
  • Conducts drivers’ workshops. Provides training for new drivers and monitors. Ensures bus driver certification courses and licensures are maintained.
  • Assists with the inspection of buses for cleanliness and general repair.

  • Assists with updating routes and maintaining current driver information.    Must be familiar with a computerized transportation management program or similar software.
  • Assists with communication to the City of Norman on problems, concerns, traffic signals, tree limbs, and other concerns.
  • Drives as needed.
  • Responsible for being knowledgeable of updates regarding new policy/procedure changes and changes to laws and ordinances.
  • Assists with driving and/or assessing bus routes during hazardous conditions/inclement weather and advises Assistant Superintendent and/or Director of Transportation on road hazards for decision on school closings or alternate routes.
  • Performs other duties as required.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

Performs complex administrative duties under minimal supervision to assist Principal with the educational programs of students at the middle school. In addition, may be provided supervisory responsibility for both certified and support personnel and has administrative responsibility for the site and resources/equipment, etc. Assists with the curricula goals for the school. May act for Principal in absence.
Performs supervisory and administrative level duties under limited supervision to oversee the work of bus drivers and monitors to provide transportation services to the district
Provides leadership to ensure the quality of education. An incumbent in this position will utilize discretion, creativity, ingenuity and independent judgement due to the complexity of the job. Since there may be several ways to solve a problem, an incumbent is free to choose the solution under board/site direction.
Contact with Others: An incumbent in this position has regular contact with persons outside the district which requires tact and diplomacy and independent judgement such as problem solving; making formal presentations; interpreting policies and procedures based on experience; providing counseling, negotiations, or mediation techniques as appropriate.
An incumbent in this position has regular contact with the public and staff by telephone or in-person to determine actual information needed concerning school attendance boundaries, bus information and eligibility. Job requires interpreting and translating facts and information, explaining situations and concerns to persons and advising them of alternative courses of action concerning complaints and non-eligible students riding bus. If an individual becomes excessively rude or irate, a supervisor or operating procedure is generally able to assist.

Other Performance Measures:

Successful performance of the job requires good customer service/people skills to handle complaints at the lowest level possible. In addition, must be able to motivate subordinates and encourage improved performance. It requires following and overseeing safety guidelines and policies for subordinates to reduce accident and injury and loss of district revenue. It requires following and overseeing school dress standards, proper attendance or leave policies, and other work-habits concerns. Creativity, initiative, and effective problem solving, patience and self-control are critical to the success of the position.


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