Auditor III

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Open until Filled.

Salary Range: $56,110 - $98,051

Areas of Responsibility and preferred Qualifications will include: 

  • Improve department effectiveness by recommending and developing internal auditing policies, procedures, and programs based on best practices for safeguarding assets.
  • Monitor, audit and/or supervise the assigned internal audit program area by reviewing all accounting procedures, confirmation of accounts; inspection of physical operations; and/or performing property and inventory audit procedures to detect, investigate and prevent fraud in adherence to School Board policy according to the audit plan.
  • Oversee the audit of the assigned operation, location, or process to ascertain the extent of compliance with established policies, plans and procedures and ascertain the reliability of accounting, inventory, and other  data developed within the organization.
  • Identify irregularities uncovered by the audit process, determine causes for irregularities and errors, and provide feedback to the appropriate administrator to increase controls and reduce costs.
  • Prepare reports of each audit, which include recommendations for improvement,and present findings to the School Board and the appropriate management personnel.

Be Advised: All Applicants Are Subject to Florida Public Records Law.

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