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MissionWe exist to educate and empower students to become culturally responsive, global Nn’ee
Vision:  We will become an effective student focused learning community graduating culturally confident citizens.

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY:  Discrimination against an otherwise qualified individual with a disability or any individual by reason of race, color, religion, sex, and age or national origin is prohibited.  Efforts will be made in recruitment and employment to ensure equal opportunity in employment for all qualified persons.  San Carlos Unified School District Governing Board Policy No. GBA.  San Carlos Schools does recognize Native American Preference in Employment.

Food Service Assistant Manager Job Description
Summary: This position is responsible for the co-planning, co - preparation and co -supervision of food se r vices for the District.

  • Bachelor's degree, or equivalent  educational experience, with academic major in specific areas; * OR Bachelor' s degree, or equivalent educational experience, with any academic major, and either a State recognize d certificate for school
nutrition directors or at least 1 year of re levant school nutrition experience; OR Associate' s degree, or equivalent educational experience, with academic major in specific areas,* and at least one year of relevant school nutrition programs
experience; OR High school diploma (or GED) and three years of relevant
experience in school nutrition programs.
  • Experience in food service operation including some supervisory experience.
  • Must have completed food personnel sanitation course and possess valid certificate of completion.
  • Training or experience in dietetics, nutrition or relate d field is preferred.
  • Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card.
REPORTS TO: Food Service Director


  • Ordering, preparing, serving of quality food.
  • Planning schedules, training, supervising, an d monitoring the work of food services employees according to the District procedures.
  • Maintains accurate employee timesheets, food inventories, manages budget, provides timely reports and makes recommendations for changes in procedure to the Food Service Manager.
  • Verifies monies with food service personnel and keeps accurate records of meals served. Interview s and recommend employment of food service personnel.
  • Assists in plan for school menu planning and special functions to follow the meal pattern requirements per the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) requirements as administered by the Arizona Department of
Education and Governing Board Policy.
  • Maintain compliance with Arizona Department of Health Standards for all kitchens in the District. Coordinate all inspections with the Arizona Department of Health.
  • Participates and supervises all  cafeteria employees, including cafeteria leads, cooks, helpers and substitutes.
  • Keep all forms for secondary and elementary lunch programs current and acceptable.
  • At t end Arizona Department of Education Food Service training and webinars as required by the United States Department of Agriculture Professional Standards for al l school nutrition program employees.
  • Maintains required food handler certification and fingerprint clearance.
  • Perform duties and assume other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Food Service Director.
  • Must be ab le to stand at an assigned location on concrete based tile flooring and work continuously for extended periods of  time, supervising employees in food receiving, storage, preparation and serving.
  • Must be able to stand at an assigned location on concrete based tile flooring and work continuously for extended periods of t time, supervising employees in food receiving, storage, preparation and serving.
  • Carry, move and stock food, supplies and equipment weighing up to 40 lbs., storing at heights from 6" to 60" from the floor.
  • Must also be able to file correspondence, reports, computer printouts, etc. in containers or drawers ranging in height from 1" to 48" from the floor.
  • Must be physi cally ab le to tolerate temperatures ranging from -10 F. to 40 F. for periods of time up to one-half hour.
  • Must be able to tolerate temperatures of 80 F. for the duration of the defined work day. Must have the stamina necessary for the efficient performance of duties.
  • Some desk work. Driving between school sites, valid Arizona Driver s License s is required.
Term of Employment: 12 months

EVALUATION:  Performance of this position will be evaluated annually in accordance with the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Personnel. 

Please apply online at go to Employment, then to Applitrak our online application system.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Human Resource Department Manager at (928) 475-2315, Ext. 1411.

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