Behavioral Technician

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EDUCATION:  An earned associate degree or 60 degree credits from an accredited institution.
EXPERIENCE:  Minimum of two (2) years of experience working with behaviorally complex children.
EDUCATION:  Standard high school diploma or satisfactory completion of an approved General Education Development (GED) testing program.
EXPERIENCE:  Minimum of four (4) years of experience working with behaviorally complex children.
ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be certified in Professional Crisis Management (PCM) within 3 months of appointment. Must meet the physical requirements of the job to physically restrain a behaviorally complex student without injury to self or student using District approved restraint procedures, as demonstrated in the Professional Crisis Management (PCM) training and other nonphysical crisis intervention procedures.  Must have the physical stamina and ability to work with behaviorally complex students and implement behavior management programs as needed.  Must maintain the desired level of expertise in the District approved crisis intervention approach by completing additional training programs as required. Bilingual skills preferred.  Computer skills as required for the position.
Hourly Rate: $20.61 – $31.14 per hour
Calendar: 187B
New Hires will be hired at the minimum of the assigned hourly range


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