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Job Summary:
Pool Substitute Teachers help maintain our students' academic progress by facilitating lesson plans during a teacher's absence. The pool substitute teacher assumes the responsibilities of the classroom teacher (s) for the school day by maintaining a consistent volume of high quality instruction with accuracy and professionalism. Pool Substitute Teachers report to the hiring location every day students report.

Must be approved as a substitute teacher with Broward County Public Schools
Sixty (60) semester hours of college credit.
Bachelor’s degree preferred.
Bilingual skills preferred
Computer skills as required for the position.
Hourly Rate: $15.00

Application Procedure:

For Active Broward County Public Schools Substitute Teachers
Complete the” Interim and Pool Substitute Teacher Application” form as an internaql applicant and select the “Pool Substitute” vacancy.
For New Hire Applicants
Complete the online application to be processed as a substitute teacher and attend a Substitute Clearance Orientation Session. If you submitted an online application through our current online process (on or after March 10, 2014) then you must sign into your application and choose "Edit" to select the "Pool Substitute" vacancy.  Candidates that are determined eligible will be sent an email scheduling them for a clearance orientation.

Prior to submitting your application, you will be required to attach the documents listed below.  Therefore, you will need to have the documents scanned and available for you to upload and attach them to your on-line application.
  • Transcript from an accredited college showing at least 60 semester hours of completed course work, and
  • Two (2) letters of references.  References must be signed and dated. One reference must be from the candidate’s last employer or cooperating teacher (for education graduates). Each reference should be scanned separately and individually upload
  • Payment Registration Receipt for the Substitute Teacher Training On-Boarding Course.

§  The mandatory Broward County Public Schools Substitute Teacher Training On-Boarding Course is required for ALL candidates, regardless of teaching/substitute experience, to become a Broward County substitute teacher. This course will provide you with valuable knowledge, skills, and materials that will empower you to be successful in the classroom.

§  There is a cost associated with this training of $40.00, and will be the responsibility of the applicant.  Payment must be made online by credit card.  This cost will not be reimbursed by Broward County Public Schools. 

§  The training is a full-day (8:30 am – 4:00 pm), in-person training that includes: Expectations of a Substitute, Ethics, Effective Teaching Behaviors, Classroom Management and Teaching Strategies

After your application is submitted and evaluated you will receive an email indicating your status.  Eligible candidates will be scheduled for a Clearance Orientation. The email you receive will indicate the date, time and location of the orientation. When you attend the orientation, you will need to bring the following documents:
  • Original and copy of valid Driver’s License
  • Original and copy of Social Security Card
  • INS Documents (if applicable)
  • Voided Check. You will be required to sign up for direct deposit.

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