Dugway Permanent Substitute Teacher

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Substitute Teacher


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Dugway Permanent Substitute Teacher

Dugway Only

This substitute works on a daily basis teaching class in the absence of the regular teacher.  Unlike other substitute teachers, who may travel to different schools, this position is assigned to the Dugway School only and will come every school day whether there is a substitute needed or not.  With the same tasks as the regular teacher, a substitute teacher will give assignments and quizzes, look after the safety of students, monitor students throughout the day and discipline if needed. A substitute teacher is expected to be a role model for the students and gets the opportunity to positively affect students' lives.  This position could also fill in for other faculty absences such as secretarial and paraprofessional.

When a teacher is not needing a substitute, it is expected that the permanent substitute will rotate on an established schedule within the elementary classrooms.  This would include helping with small groups for Language Arts and Math.  It may also include support for struggling students during certain classroom specials times.

Job Summary:

  • Able to work flexibly to accommodate schools varying needs.
  • Needs to punctual and compliant with all building and district procedures, regulations and schedules.
  • Meets with the principal and staff regarding any questions and concerns about the lesson plan or rules.
  • Checks in and out with the front office daily to attend to paperwork and school materials.
  • Accountable for student supervision for the duration of assignment.
  • Follows the regular lesson plan of the absent teacher.
  • Implements effective pupil handling; monitors behavior of students and reports to the principal and teacher any flagrant issues or problems.
  • Prepares and submits a summary of her/his work and updates the regular teacher of situations or problems encountered.
  • Maintains high standards of education; shows interest in a student's progress; and encourages critical-thinking, analytical and creativity skills.
  • Needs to be patient, kind and fair to students.
  • Substitute may sometimes attend meetings and cooperates with other teachers.
  • Respects personal privacy and maintain confidentiality regarding students.
  • Reports evidence of suspected child abuse to authorities.


  • Must have high school diploma or equivalent and be 21 years or older.
  • Must have working phone and email address.
  • Specific skill-based competencies include:  Stay organized in a sometimes chaotic environment; work well under occasional distraction and pressure, have good time management skills; as needed, capable of creating subject specific assignments to keep students on task. Proficient in being flexible and consistent to the needs and personality of the students.
  • Specific knowledge-based competencies include:  Understand and use web-based substitute finder system (District will train); familiar with current teaching methods and strategies to accommodate varying subject matter and student learning styles; ability to identify and manage classroom behaviors; discern between consequential and inconsequential behavior and respond appropriately; communicate effectively with students, staff and parents.
  • Specific ability-based competencies include:  Ability to adapt to daily changing work environment; reliability, decision making, use common sense and good judgment in addressing problems with students and other staff members; be flexible and consistent to the needs and personality of the students; set expectations and be able to follow-through with appropriate action if they are not met.

Working Conditions:

  • Will work under the supervision of the school Principal following the work schedule of the regular teacher.
  • Due to the flexible nature of the position will work on Dugway school campus mostly within a classroom, gymnasium, workshop, or office.  

Hours and Days:

  • This position works 4 days a week between 7 and 7 1/2 hours a day, for a total of 29 hours a week.

Application Procedure:

  • Apply online through the Frontline Applicant System that can be found on the TCSD website. Candidates must complete their application in order to be considered and it must be submitted prior to the closing date indicated on the job posting.
  • Application status is located on the left after logging into the site. Once Finish and Submit is selected, candidates should see a confirmation that the application was submitted. If this confirmation is not showing, refer to the status as there may be a required field you missed.

Training Completion:
If selected, candidate must complete the Required Safe Schools Training before they can begin substituting in the building

FSLA Status:
Non Exempt

Not Benefit Eligible
Support Professional Salary E1 Plus NESS Pay

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