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Mission Statement of Summit Academy Schools: Summit Academy's mission is to provide a rigorous educational environment based on the principles of high academic achievement and specialized instruction for the benefit of all students.

Mission Statement of Summit Academy High School: Summit Academy High School is a public charter school that serves students in grades 9 through 12. The school provides a rigorous academic experience designed to prepare students to excel in a competitive collegiate environment. The school recognizes that not all students will attend or seek a university education; however, the school maintains that participation in a rigorous academic program will provide preparation for any career students pursue.

Job Overview:

The Executive Director is committed to the mission and vision of Summit Academy Schools and Summit Academy High School. The Executive Director works with the Summit Academy and Summit Academy High School Board of Trustees, principals, instructional coaches, counselors, and staff, in a collaborative effort to ensure the integrity of Summit Academy and Summit Academy High School’s goals as defined in the Charter of Summit Academy and Charter of Summit Academy High School.

The Executive Director reports to the Board of Trustees and is responsible for the entire operation of the LEAs and serves as the key external representative on behalf of the school to the school community and to the local communities.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Summit Academy LEA consists of 3 campuses: Draper, Independence, and Bluffdale. The Draper and Independence campuses have an elementary K-5 and a Jr. High 6-8. The Bluffdale campus consists of grades K-6. The Summit Academy High School is a separate LEA consisting of grades 9-12. All campuses and LEAs are under the direction of the Executive Director. The Executive Director is expected to successfully perform the following:

Executive Leadership - As the Executive Director, he or she must: *Embody, advocate, and execute the mission, vision, and strategic direction of Summit Academy Schools and Summit Academy High School. *Supervise, support, and collaborate with principals, Director of Support Services, and LEA staff. And by extension indirectly all staff including the assistant principal, teachers, educational assistants, school counselors, and instructional coaches *Foster a trusting, collaborative, open, and positive atmosphere among staff, that invites respectful professional relationships between individual staff members *Reinforce the Board’s governance and fiduciary responsibilities by participating in monthly board board meetings; preparing monthly director reports, and developing recommendations for the Board’s consideration that combine the best interests of students and the needs of Summit Academy Schools and Summit Academy High School with the focus and direction the Board indicates.

Academics: The Executive Director is responsible for the academic standards and performance of students. *Oversee Summit Academy Improvement Plan (SAIP) development and implementation throughout the LEAs *Collaborate with administration and teachers to make curriculum recommendations to the Board of Trustees. *Oversee academic enriching programs such as: STEM, Literacy, CTE, and ELL. *Ensure our staff have appropriate support to implement the academic program(s) (i.e. mentoring, assessments, evaluations, coaching, PLCs, etc.)

Operations: The Executive Director will supervise key operational staff directly and develop and oversee all administrative and organizational support activities including: *Human Resource policies and procedures *Technology (including planning, support, and all other administrative aspects) *Facilities including custodial, maintenance, transportation, and food and nutrition operations *Ensure safety procedures and oversee the implementation at each campus

Financial Management: The Executive Director will be responsible for the finances of the Summit Academy Schools and Summit Academy High School. He or she will abide by all federal and state laws, follow procedures outlined in the Fiscal Policy provided by the Board, and commit to best practices of transparency and collaboration to ensure the integrity of fiscal stewardship. Although not limited to, the Executive Director is expected to: *Abide by the Fiscal Policy to ensure proper procedures and compliance to all laws and best practices *Develop an annual budget with the Finance Committee for board approval *Execute the schools budget as approved by the Board *Collaborate with the business administrator to ensure fiscal stewardship *Collaborate with principals to ensure best practice and transparency *Facilitate, prepare for, and attend annual audits and implement any audit findings *Collaborate with the business administrator to provide the Board a monthly finance report . Keep the Board informed on all matters of importance to ensure transparency and compliance *Ensure compliances and documentation to all federal and state funded programs (K-3, Land Trust, restricted funds, etc.) * Oversee, direct and approve grants

Compliance : The Executive Director is directly responsible for ensuring that the school is in compliance with all federal, state and Summit Academy and Summit Academy High School policies as well as adhering to best practices in matters of risk management. Specific compliance duties include but are not limited to: * Ensuring all legal and contractual obligations are met * Protecting the school, employees, and board by ensuring all prudent insurance policies are in place at sufficient levels * Developing and following safety and risk management best practices (including volunteer risk management, cyber security, and all other building safety risks) * Assist the Board in preparing for formal board approval all relevant and prudent school policies and related procedures and ensure the implementation of all Board Policies

External Relations: The Executive Director is the school’s key spokesperson and primary public face to both the extended school community and external stakeholders. As such, he or she will: * Provide regular communications with families and other stakeholders * Attend various school and community events including state level meetings and alignment for LEA * Nurture positive relationships with all community leaders * Oversee Summit’s websites, apps, electronic communications, and social media properties to present and protect Summit Academy Schools’ and Summit Academy High School’s brand * Implement such marketing and communications plans as may be necessary to continue attracting a diverse and sufficient student population to the school and support all necessary development efforts

The Executive Director may be required to perform duties not specified in this job description as required for the successful operation of the school and agreed with the Board of Trustees.

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