Cafeteria Assistant Manager

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Cafeteria Assistant Manager

The Cafeteria Manager provides leadership to the food service activities at an assigned location with
specific responsibilities for overseeing the preparing and serving of food to students and staff while
maintaining food service facilities in safe and sanitary condition. The position reports to the Cafeteria
Education and Experience:
? High school diploma or GED. Minimum of 1 year experience in food preparation, cashiering and
customer service skills. Proficient computer skills. Knowledge of basic math. Proficient in
speaking and reading English, and be able to follow instructions. To pass the ServSafe or
equivalent Sanitation Course for Managers.
Essential Functions:
? Attends in-service training, state workshops, etc. for the purpose of gathering information
required to perform job functions.
? Oversees and as necessary preps, cooks and serves food (regular food items, special diets) for
the purpose of providing students and staff with food of high nutritious quality as well as
meeting individual needs.
? Oversees the preparation of food and beverage items according to standardized recipes and
established food preparation procedures (regular menu food items, sandwiches, a la carte
items, baked goods, etc.) for the purpose of meeting mandated nutritional and projected meal
? Oversees the evaluation of prepared food for flavor, appearance, and temperature for the
purpose of providing items that will be accepted by students and staff.
? Assures food and beverage items are merchandised for the purpose of serving them to students
and staff in an efficient manner.
? Oversees that utensils, equipment, storage, food preparation and serving areas are clean for the
purpose of maintaining required sanitary conditions.
? Oversees that bathrooms, floors and walls are cleaned on a regular basis.
? Responsible for all staff to maintain good customer service while cashiering and serving food.
? Responsible for all staff to maintain confidentiality of student’s status, lunch balances, and
informing students of their lunch balances. Collect and reconciliation of money for the purpose
of keeping an accurate record of student accounts and cafeteria funds accounts.
? Responsible for using good customer service skills while talking to parents, students and staff.
? Responsible for ensuring all staff is trained in all areas of the kitchen: cooking, cleaning, serving,
cashiering and preparing food.
? Inspects food items and supplies for the purpose of verifying quantity, quality and specifications
of orders and complying with mandated health standards.
? Maintains equipment, storage areas, food preparation and serving areas in a sanitary condition
for the purpose of complying with current health standards.
? Helps with ordering food, condiments and supplies for the purpose of ensuring availability of
items required for meeting projected menu requirements.
? Ensures that menus are followed.
? Oversees that records and reports are maintained: temperature charts, state and federal
required records, etc.
? Ensures production sheets are completed on a daily basis.
? Helps with monthly inventory to be completed and sent in to the Supervisor.
? Submits payroll in manager’s absence accurately and in a timely manner.

? Supervise the work activities of the cafeteria: planning, assigning, directing work, appraising
performance, rewarding and disciplining employees, addressing complaints and resolving
? Resolve internal issues and communicate issues that cannot be handled at local level to
Manager. Maintains confidentiality records.
? Maintain complete records for program accountability including deliveries, cash receipts and
meals served.
? Demonstrates knowledge of food service rules and regulations to meet federal, state and local
? Reports equipment malfunctions to Manager for repair or replacement.
? Responsible for training staff to follow all food safety, time keeping, HACCP, MSDS, USDA, OSHA,
health department regulations.
? Responsible for securing all monies collected, creating deposits, and making deposits at the
bank on a daily basis when Manager is unavailable.
? Responsible to help order, set up, prep, cook and staff catering events as needed.
? Serves as the role model for all staff working in the kitchen.
? Perform all tasks as assigned by the Cafeteria Manager.
Physical Requirements:
? Stand and walk for long periods of time on concrete flooring. To lift 25 pounds and help lift up to
50 pounds. Work in extreme temperatures in hot kitchens and cold freezers. Tolerate loud
noises like hood vents.
Special Requirements:
Essential personnel during delayed openings: During a two hour delay all cafeteria staff are
expected to arrive at work two hours later than their scheduled time or by 8:30am,
whichever comes first.

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