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Non-Instructional Support


Job Summary:
This job is located in the Mechanical Department. Basic knowledge of the following: Roofing work to include asphalt roofing shingles, ballasted rubber roofs, and metal roofs; dry wall installation and finishing; install and repairing of cabinets and countertops; framing to include wood and metal studs; door install to include door hardware, pre-hung doors, commercial doors, knock down jams, locks, keys, and keying equipment; masonry work to include concrete finishing, concrete slabs, footers, laying block and tiles; flooring work to include carpet, VCT, and wall base; servicing and repairing of playground equipment.
Essential Job Functions:

  • Working in the Specified Department, assisting other team members in all department responsibilities
  • Basic Computer Skills required
  • Customer service and communication skills required
Other Duties May Include:

  • Keeps the building and premises, including sidewalks, driveways, and grounds properly maintained at all times
  • Conducts routine and preventative maintenance activity relative to buildings, furnishings, equipment and fixtures
  • Performs minor building modifications such as installing office partitions, doors, drywalls, including simple wiring
  • Maintains an inventory of all chemical and general building supplies, equipment and fuel
  • Requisitions replacements for supplies on appropriate forms far enough in advance to ensure timely delivery that will not hinder the maintenance of the building
  • Complies with the local codes and ordinances pertaining to the storage, disposal and recycling of trash, rubbish and waste
  • Assists with removing snow during inclement weather from parking areas, including unloading sand and rock salt
  • Performs miscellaneous duties such as courier service, and delivery of equipment, furniture, and supplies to school

  • The terminology, procedures, and routines in building maintenance including the fire alarm and security systems operated in the building
  • Safe working techniques with self and fellow employees with the use of the necessary hand and power tools pertaining to the field
  • Run and maintain all mechanical, emergency and building equipment including school district vehicles in accordance to division standard
  • Communicate with school personnel
  • Maintain supplies and equipment
  • Perform tasks in accordance with school division practices and procedures
  • Consult supervisor on all matters not considered routine
  • Work independently
  • Communicate in written and oral modes
Apply To:  Click on the link above to apply.  All applicants, including those currently employed with Spotsylvania County Public Schools, will need to complete an online application. 

Salary: This is a 12 month position. Starting salary $32,609 with benefits.

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