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Primary Purpose:
The Substitute Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is responsible for implementing a school health program for a school population defined by the school division under the direction of a licensed health professional.  The LPN reports to the school nursing supervisor and to the administrator of the school building.

Description of Duties and Tasks:

  • Collaborates with supervising RN, parent/guardian, student, and attending physician, where appropriate, in developing and implementing individualized care plans for assigned students with medical needs.
  • Provides medically prescribed interventions, including medication administration (per MCPS policy), and care to ill children on a daily basis as needed.  Identifies student health needs through health assessment and communicates with parents and staff.
  • Provides first aid to injured children and staff.
  • Provides supervision and care of medically fragile children.
  • Manages children with communicable diseases per MCPS policy.
  • Maintains accurate, complete and confidential records of all medicines administered and all medical interventions, per MCPS policy.
  • Seeks licensed professional (RN) guidance and intervention for medical decision making outside the LPN scope of practice.
  • Provides medical screenings for mandated and requested special education evaluations to include: vision, hearing, blood pressure, height, weight, listing of medical treatment(s), listing of medical conditions.
  • Participates, as requested, in on-going training, and maintains Virginia Licensed Practical Nurse license and CPR certification.
  • Maintains AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators and other equipment used for health purposes at schools.
  • Carries out county policies, regulations, procedures, and administrative directives.
  • Works cooperatively with staff and administration for the well-being of MCPS employees and students.
  • Maintains professional nurse appearance, including license identification badge.
  • Assists in monitoring student health records for all students.
  • Observes student rights, respects individual cultural and religious backgrounds, and maintains confidentiality of student health information.

Limits of Authority:
This position is subject to board policies, administrative rules and procedures, department regulations and applicable state and federal statutes.  All commitments outside of authorized programs and services are subject to prior approval by the supervisor of this position.  LPNs must be supervised by RN level or higher healthcare practitioner. LPNs are not authorized to write healthcare plans required for Medicaid billing or individualized healthcare plans.  LPNs are not authorized to train unlicensed school staff in procedures such as medication delivery, care for chronic conditions and medical procedures such as tube feedings and catheterizations.  LPNs with AHA or other CPR/FA Instructor Certification may conduct CPR/FA classes for any group of individuals.
The LPN substitute will complete tasks on a daily basis subject to the below hourly compensation and processed via timesheet submittals.
2 year degree or less - $93.00 per day
4 year degree or more - $103.00 per day

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