Non Certified Adjunct Teacher

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Position Areas
Fine Arts





Title: Nofon-Classified Adjunct Teacher                                                       
Reports To:  Principals/Superintendent

Site Location: Districtwide                    
Classification:  Support
Length of Duties: Current School Year

Position Summary

An Adjunct Teacher is a person with distinguished qualifications in their field who does not hold a valid teacher certificate and may teach per semester.   Adjunct Teacher positions will be utilized in core academic content as well as specialized fine arts areas as needed to plan, organize, and implement appropriate instructional programming in elementary, middle, and secondary learning environments.  Adjunct Teacher positions are not subject to collective bargaining.  Adjunct Teachers have the option to select district provided insurance and will be considered eligible to participate in the Teachers Retirement System as optional members if they are “regularly employed for wenty (20) hours or more per week” 70 O.S. 17-103. 

Job Responsibilities

  1. Must provide lesson plans and instruction aligned to the school vision and mission

  2. Provide classroom management guidelines and procedures

  3. Maintain attendance and grade records in assigned student information system

  4. Monitor progress of individual students and provide appropriate interventions

  5. Participate in any assigned school/state-wide testing mandates

  6. Prepare all required reports on students and or activities and complete necessary records accurately and completely as required by district policy, school regulations and state law

  7. Establish communication with parents/guardians of students served

  8. Assign and grade instructional tasks, tests, and homework as necessary to meet instructional goals and outcomes

  9. Attend weekly staff meetings

  10. Attend both Parent Teacher Conference events and Back to School night

  11. Maintain professional dress and communication standards

  12. Arrive 20  minutes before scheduled class period

  13. Inform Principal 24 hours in advance if unable to hold class

  14. Provide instruction in person and virtually on Fridays

  15. Provide emergency lesson plans to administration as a back-up plan

  16. Adhere to all IDEA (Special Education) and or ADA (American Disabilities Act) requirements as informed

  17. Utilize relevant and current technology to enhance instruction and to differentiate



  • HS School Diploma or equivalent.  While a degree is not required, must have comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in the area of teaching 

  • Pass state administered background check

  • Demonstrate preparation and skill in working with students from diverse cultural, economic and ability backgrounds

  • Knowledge of current technology including but not limited to Google platform, various social media, various apps, and email

  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing

  • Willingness to perform other requested work delegated or required to accomplish the objectives of the assigned school

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