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English as a Second Language (EFL/ELL/ESL/ESOL)




Job Title:        English Learner Interpreter/Translator
Education:     High school diploma or equivalent.  
Training or Experience Required:  Fluent in a second language and English.  Prior experience as an interpreter preferred.
Reports:  Building Principal, English Learner Coordinator, English Learner Teacher
Job Goal:  Interpret exchanges between school staff and non-English speaking families and/or translate provided documents into another language to assist in communication with non-English speaking families. 
Communication Skills: (oral, written, or business) Able to communicate with families in a culturally sensitive manner and convey important information in their native language.
Contact with others:  An employee in this position has regular contact with district staff, students and families which requires tact, diplomacy and independent judgement such as problem solving and interpreting policies and procedures.
Other Performance Measures:  Successful performance of the job requires good customer service/people skills as well as cultural sensitivity.  Incumbent uses creativity, initiative, and effective problem solving in working with staff and students with various backgrounds and special needs.
Essential Job Functions:

  • Serve as a neutral conduit rendering into the target language literally what has been stated in English (and vice versa) with no additions, no omissions, no editing, no polishing.
  • Interpret/translate all information in a factual and accurate manner without any censoring, additions or omissions and with a non-judgemental attitude.
  • Communicate in person and by phone.
  • Participate in meetings with school staff and students/families.
  • Maintain complete confidentiality of all messages/conversations.
  • Arrive punctually at the assigned location. 

Terms of Employment:
Contract Length:       Part-time, AS NEEDED BASIS
Salary Schedule:       Hourly pay

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