Paraprofessional / Personal Care Aide

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Instructional Support


Assists student(s) with mental health, behavioral, communication, medical, social and/or physical needs.  A Personal Health Care Aide supports students in the performance of daily living activities, use of equipment including communication devices, assists with mobility and physical positioning, monitors designated health problems, observes and redirects behavior, etc.  These duties are non-instructional activities that allow the student to participate to his/her maximum extent possible in the least restrictive environment.  This paraprofessional is responsible for meeting the needs written in the Individual Education Plan (IEP), laws, and MCPS policy.

  • Assists and/or attends to the student's bathroom needs, including diapering, toilet training, etc.
  • Assists the student with breakfast and lunch including preparing foods (if required), hand-over-hand assistance, verbal prompting and/or feeding the student
  • Assists the student with and/or performs personal hygiene activities providing the necessary level of support.
  • Works with the student to develop gross and fine motor skills as directed by the teacher, physical therapist and/or occupational therapist.
  • Transfers the student to and from his/her wheelchair/chair, positions the student as directed, lifts the student for toileting, exercise, positioning, etc.
  • Provides assistance in the use of communication devices.
  • Provides assistance in the use of specialized equipment such as wheelchairs, standers, braces, walkers, etc.
  • Observes the student for any identified health problem such as seizures, sleepiness, overactivity, self-injurious behavior, etc.
  • Informs the teacher and/or school nurse of any unusual behavior.
  • Redirects student in a positive manner to the task or activity.
  • Provides verbal and concrete reinforcement to shape desired behavior.
  • Modifies task, environment, goal, materials, etc., based on progress-monitoring data.
  • Participates in training by licensed personnel regarding health-related services required by the IEP.
  • Assists the licensed personnel in performing health-related services.
  • Provides health-related services deemed appropriate by licensed personnel.
  • Per teacher directive, observes, documents, records and charts student performance on IEP goals and objectives and provides input for IEP development./revision.
  • Assists with organizing and maintaining a neat classroom.
  • Participates in student-specific trainings related to implementation of the IEP
  • Participates in training related to the specific requirements of the position.
Performance evaluated by building level principal in accordance with procedures approved by the MCPS School Board.
To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential function satisfactorily.  
High School Diploma or GED
Working with children is preferred

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