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Math and Data Coach
Basic Function: 

The Data Coach’s role is to continuously improve the quality of the support that teachers, administrators, and counselors administer to students and their families through improving the use of data to improve and inform instruction. 
Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
An educational leader who guides school-level staff through the process of collaborative inquiry based on student centered data to improve teaching and learning for all.  The Coach possesses a strong commitment to ensure equity for each and every student in the building.  Coach will provide support to the school so that capacity around a data-driven culture is built, and sustained.  In addition, the Coach will assist administration with  decisions that can be made to significantly improve student achievement.   The Coach will lead the school community toward a shared vision and a common understanding of the value of available data.  Creating a continuous process for analyzing, interpreting, and acting upon data through a developed and unified protocol is a major responsibility of the Coach. The Coach works closely and communicates with the school community data teams including administrators, teachers, support staff, and community entities.  This position serves many roles as a facilitator, consultant, coach, and mentor.

  • Facilitate collaborative data meetings, working with individuals or teams to plan for data-driven instructional decisions
  • Provide guidance on analyzing and interpreting data to improve instruction and student outcomes
  • Develop a positive and supportive relationship with staff and students
  • Support and monitor the effectiveness and progress of the school’s implementation of best practices outlined in the school improvement plan to aid in improving instruction, and academic progress of scholars.
  • Assist with coordinating and planning responsive school-level professional learning based on data analysis.
  • Plan and assist administration with implementation of interventions, and professional learning collaboratively
  • Assume a strong Coaching role and mindset
  • Assess current school practices based on data to explore alternatives, assisting with opportunity for change
  • Other duties as assigned based on the guidelines of school administrators.
  • Preferred five (5) years of effective classroom teaching experience
  • Thorough and complete knowledge of Oklahoma Academic Standards.
  • Proven ability in the collection, disaggregation, and interpretation of data points.
  • Ability to organize, and share data with administration and support staff that leads to the implementation of effective professional development based on the needs of Scholars and teachers
  • An explicit understanding of effective Math curriculum.
  • Ability to effectively collaborate with various groups within and outside of the educational environment.
  • Required participation in professional development related to data collection and interpretation during the school year and summer.

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