Teacher Assistant - Secondary

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Teacher Assistant-Secondary
Non-contract, no benefits

Hours a day:5.5
Hourly rate: $13.95
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  • Name:Tamara Stuart
  • Phone:801.610.8815
  • Email:tstuart@alpinedistrict.org
The job of Distance Learning Receiving/Sending Facilitator is done for the purpose/s of supervising the development of television programs to enhance classroom instruction; designing instructional programs for Students; directing the operations of the District Cable channel and educational access studio; maintaining television/studio equipment; and coordinating scheduling of educational television programming.

Essential Functions
  • Administers the development of television/instructional programs for the purpose of supplementing classroom instruction and providing instruction to students attending classes from home.
  • Collaborates with district personnel and other districts for the purpose of implementing and maintaining services and/or programs.
  • Demonstrates methods required to perform assignments and/or skills for the purpose of modeling the skills necessary to perform the tasks safely and/or accurately.
  • Directs educational television operations for the purpose of providing districtwide educational programming.
  • Instructs students and/or teachers for the purpose of career training and utilizing educational television.
  • Maintains documents, files and records for the purpose of providing up-to-date reference and audit trail for compliance.
  • Participates in meetings, workshops and/or trainings for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform job functions.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.
  • Responds to inquires for the purpose of providing information and/or direction.
  • Supervises the use of educational television equipment (e.g. van, studio, access equipment, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring availability of required equipment.
  • Supervises assigned personnel for the purpose of ensuring their department and individual performance objectives are met.

  • age 16+
  • High school diploma or equivalent.

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