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Granite School District

Please note: Type test of 55 wpm or better required. TYPE TEST must be taken at the Granite District Human Resource's Office and submitted before the deadline date to be considered for this position. Current employees may have a copy on file.

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Job Title School Registrar
Department Cyprus High School
Supervisor School Principal
Salary Schedule Secretary Salary Schedule
Lane Placement B7
Contract Length 9.5 Months
FLSA Classification Non- Exempt


Job Summary
Provides support services for counseling and registration. Performs general office services, registers new students and processes withdrawals, prepares and maintains student transcripts, collects, records and reports student grades to appropriate parties, monitors student immunizations, may perform first aid as needed, services several programs, trains and assigns work to office assistants, prepares building master schedule, prepares diplomas, may take meeting minutes and may back up other office staff.
Essential Functions
Primary Functions

  • Assists students, teachers, parents and district personnel.   Assists with student refunds at year’s end.  Completes year end student reports.  Keeps bulletin board in counseling center current.
  • Verifies addresses for registration, guardianship and processes related paperwork.   Requests transcripts and other records from previous schools.  Enrolls students after assigning student numbers.  Schedules appointments with counselors.  Assists with Master Schedule.
  • Prepares, provides and maintains student transcripts and CUM folders.  Prepares paper work for CUM Folder for ESL, Foreign Exchange, YESS, Youth in Custody, Safe School Program and TAP Program.   Sends transcripts to other schools as requested.  Collects and files records from Jr. High Schools.  Moves senior files to archives. 
  • Verifies high school graduation and attendance.  Mails report cards at proper periods.
  • Assures that students comply with immunization policy.  Assists with Community Nursing Services clinic.  Completes required immunization reports.  Drops students from active files when confined at home or hospital.  Re-enrolls when they return.
  • Prepares periodic reports covering mid-terms, student locator cards, adds and drops, various enrollment data, progress reports and early graduate reports.
  • Trains and assigns work to office assistants.

Secondary Functions

  • Takes and delivers messages. 
  • Dispenses medications to students. 
  • Assists with mass change day twice each year. 
  • Collects money for class changes, copies for transcripts, etc. 
  • Provides copy and fax machine services.  
  • Prepares registration booklet for students. 
  • Posts teacher assistant grades. 
  • Checks student eligibility for athletics. 
  • Downloads grades program weekly for school SYSOP. 
  • Verifies GPA and CPA for insurance companies, student body officer candidates, honor society members. 
  • Dispenses and monitors student medication as directed. 
  • Provides first aid services. 
  • Assists emotional students, parents and teachers. 
  • Prepares for graduation by printing senior list, posting list for students to check for accuracy. 
  • Applies honor and merit stickers to diplomas, prepares diplomas for delivery to students. 
  • Withholds diplomas for students owning fines. 
  • Assists in passing out diplomas at graduation. 
  • May collect testing fees.

Non-Essential Functions
Other duties as assigned.
Required Knowledge, Skill and Ability
Requires working knowledge of high school registration and counseling policies and procedures.  Must be skilled in word processing (55 wpm), computer operation plus relevant software, basic math, operation of office machines, bookkeeping, filing, oral and written communication and interpersonal relations.  Must foster positive working relationships.

Minimum Entrance Requirements for Training 
High School diploma or equivalent. Experience with word processing, computer operation plus relevant software, operation of office machines, basic math, bookkeeping, communication and interpersonal relations.
Minimum Entrance Requirements for Prior Experience
Does not required previous work experienced.
At least six months of full-time secretarial related work experience preferred.
Decision Making Authority
Within policy guidelines, verifies validity of student transcripts and student residences.  Prioritizes work assignments.
Interaction With Others (Non-Supervisory)
Interacts with students, patrons, teachers, administrators, recruiters, DCFS, counselors, other school, colleges and universities.
Assigns work to student assistants and monitors and evaluates their performance.
Working Environment
Standard office environment.  Must deal with frequent interruptions during work that requires concentration and accuracy.  Some confrontation with emotional parents, students and teachers.
Physical Demand Characteristics
May lift or move items weighing up to 30 pounds.

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