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GENERAL DEFINITION OF WORK Under the direction of the principal, the guidance counselor’s responsibility is to guide students toward the fulfillment of their intellectual, physical, and psychological potential.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Preparation/Planning and Assessment Utilizes long-range, sequentially developed planning in the areas of: Counseling Articulation and orientation Educational vocational services Placement facilitation Pupil appraisal, evaluation and assessment Communication

Instruction Assists students in carrying out their educational and vocational plans Promotes continuity in the students’ progress from grade to grade, from one school level to another and from school to employment or military service or further schooling Provides for individual differences Employs techniques, materials, instructional aids and community resources Displays knowledge of subject matter and child development related to services provided

Management, Safety, and Learning Environment Maintains appropriate confidentiality Maintains accurate student records Gathers and organizes information about students and interprets this information to others as appropriate (teachers, students, parents) Works with administration on school-wide issues Commands respect of students in appropriate settings

Student Reactions and Relationships Helps the student identify and understand his or her strengths and needs Assists the student in using available information about him/herself and his/her environment in problem solving and planning Promotes the development of skills that will enable the student to function productively in new situations Promotes critical thinking Recognizes the necessity of staff member-pupil rapport Helps students understand conflict resolution and to develop positive strategies for interpersonal relationships

Communication and Community Relations Communicates with parents/guardians appropriately regarding student progress Acts as a liaison between home, school and community agencies Forges partnerships with families to promote student learning at home and at school Participates in establishing favorable school/community relations Works collaboratively with staff, families, and community to support the success of a diverse student population

Staff Relationships Assists in the formulation and implementation of policies and/or regulations which are established by the School Board Attends and participates in staff meetings and serves on staff committees Adheres to administrative regulations and directives Cooperates with administrative and supervisory staff in the evaluation process Establishes and maintains cooperative relations with co-workers relative to school matters

Professionalism Develops and maintains interpersonal relationships that are pleasant and professional Maintains respect for the worth and dignity of each student Participates in professional meetings and serves on and contributes to special committees Conducts all school related activities in a manner that serves as a positive influence on youth Provides for professional growth through an ongoing program of reading, workshops, seminars, conferences, and/or advanced course work Makes provision for being available to students and parents for education-related purposes outside the instructional day Demonstrates a positive view of the philosophy and objectives of the school to parents and community Abides by adopted board of education policies and procedures Maintains a satisfactory record of punctuality and attendance Accepts and implements constructive criticism Seeks to advance education through individual and group endeavors Exercises prudent judgment Acts to improve total school program

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