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Bartlesville Public Schools Job Description

POSITION TITLE:  Indian Education Specialist

LOCATION:  Works districtwide.  Housed in the Operation Eagle Department at Madison MS. 

SUMMARY:  Provides instruction to students districtwide in Native American culture and history.  Develops and curates culturally appropriate and accurate lessons/ instructional units that meet Oklahoma Academic Standards. Collaborates with principals and classroom teachers to implement lessons and enrichment activities on Native American culture and history.

QUALIFICATIONS:  This position is an Adjunct Teaching Position. Oklahoma Teacher Certification is not required; however, the candidate must have a college degree and expertise in the subject area.  A college degree in Native American Studies is preferred. As an Adjunct Teacher, the candidate must also meet Tier I Paraprofessional Certification requirements.

The individual must stand and walk up to seven hours.  Good people skills are necessary to positively impact the student’s learning environment. Job requires occasional bending/stooping/squatting/crouching/kneeling, climbing, reaching above the shoulder and pushing/pulling.  Job requires occasional carrying/lifting up to 50 pounds.  Job requires employee to use both hands for repetitive actions involving simple/firm grasping and fine manipulation.  Employee must possess hearing and speaking abilities to monitor equipment and communicate with employees, students, and parents.  The Board of Education and Superintendent may approve alternatives to the listed qualifications.

CONTRACT:  181 days

WORKING HOURS: 7 hours daily

REPORTS TO: Operation Eagle Coordinator, Executive Director of Personnel & School Support

EVALUATED BY: Operation Eagle Coordinator



  1. Provide instruction to all students districtwide in Native American culture and history

  2. Develop and curate culturally appropriate and accurate lessons/ instructional units

  3. Promote Native American culture and awareness in the district and community

  4. Use tribal and state resources to plan lessons and develop instruction

  5. Ensure lesson plans meet Oklahoma Academic Standards

  6. Meet and collaborate with principals and teachers to provide cultural presentations, student enrichment activities, and Operation Eagle services 

  7. Develop and maintain an annual schedule for classroom presentations and cultural enrichment activities

  8. Establish/ revitalize the Native American student organization at Bartlesville High School

  9. Attend all Title VI and Johnson O’Malley meetings, classes and events

  10. Report monthly to the Indian Parent Committee on progress of the Title VI and Johnson O’Malley programs

  11. Work with Native American parents and district staff to identify special needs of Native American students

  12. Assist in the collection of data necessary for grant applications and district accountability

  13. Work with Native American families, parents and students on information concerning postsecondary education including tribal schools, tribal scholarships and financial aid

  14. Maintain the same high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students as is expected of fully-licensed teachers

  15. Other duties as assigned

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